BTST / STBT Calls for 27 APRIL 2016

We update live trading calls during the market hours in Comment box.

Mostly we are giving INTRADAY, BTST and STBT Trading Calls for Nifty & Stock Futures.

Maximum 4 trading calls will be carry forwarded to next working day, rest would be closed intraday itself. Mostly, we are giving Stock Futures.

We generate per trade 8000/- & more profit per lot basis, from Nifty & Stock Futures.

At the same time maximum permissible loss is also limited to 8000/- per lot basis.

Please do read comments about Entry, Exit mentioned in Comment box to verify trading timings & assess the accuracy yourself. Zero Stop Loss does not believe in Tall claims.

Stop Loss, Price Target, Trading Entry & Exit will be updated live during the Market hours.

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Happy to Guide !

Next day, We will update daily profit loss statement here…

Idea is to provide you with an easy reference at later stage.

ZeroStopLoss were & would continue to give 100% update of each trading positions;  Irrespective of Market conditions to Free Trial & paid client alike. Period.

Following trading calls were given on 27th April 2016, live during market hours.


Their respective closing details are updated on 28th April during Market hours.

*One can check “Comment Box” to cross-verify the posting date & time for each of below

1 INTRADAY BHARTIARTL 1200 368 375 8400
2 BTST ADANIPORTS 1600 237.5 243 6400
3 BTST UNIONBANK 3000 134.25 131.5 -8250
4 BTST GAIL 1400 373.5 Holding
5 BTST RCOM 8000 59.5 60.5 8000
PROFIT   14550

This is one of the most hectic working day for traders. May be because of FnO Expiry which is as early as tomorrow itself or Global events are such (ECB and BOJ both were due to announcements). We are not sure. Anyway, here comes day’s summary.

We had generated 9 trading calls, out of which 4 were cancelled namely,




RCOM = CANCELLED (However, RCOM was again given later in day, which was booked next day)

*GAIL is still on Hold. Giving near about 15000/- loss per lot basis as of Friday 29 April. Holding GAIL as positional call, more details can be share via Email. TGT near about 400 NSE Cash.



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