Correction, Recession, Depression – Exit ‼

Please visit following URLs to know about Entry & Follow-Ups Part.

First Part – “ENTRY”

Second Part – “Follow-Up”

Greetings !!

We always suggest traders to follow the principle of “No Hurry, No Worry, No Half-Cooked Curry. Please”.

This article is precisely explaining the same trading (investing) attitude at Rocket Trades.

First: Majority were not willing to initiate “BUY” during Covid-19 Driven Market Fall of March 2020.

Secondly: Majority were Bearish from 10000 & Above NIFTY50 levels in one way or the other.

Third: Now, Yesterday when NIFTY50 closed above 17100 for the first time ever, we feel now Curry is fully Cooked. Thereby, we are diverting all our Focus (energy) on the Negative News-Flow from hereon. 

Therefore, for NSE Equity, we are waiting for the next Investment cycle to start off.

And, closing all the Cash Investments at Opening Bell levels as of today (1st September 2021) and re-investing all the proceeds in Physical Gold / Silver is the best action. 👇

Need more help?

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