Specific Points for Stock Futures ‼

~ Entry Exit either/or at 8:55am and 3:10pm. Either Trade (act on) or Ignore Message.

But, If you are trading then rest assured all required levels, instructions, guidance, support is provided, available before you. Most Importantly, please do clarify all your doubts before Execution. We have enough Time and means.

We follows Standard Operating Procedure; prefers to speak during Market hours.

1). We are not doing Intraday, Options. Only Trend Reversal Calls that to be with the Price Stability of Opening & Closing Bell.

Rest assured, you would get better prices for Entry Exit, most of the times.

2). From, Expiry Week Monday (including preceded Friday) do Trade in next Contract only, because of Physical Settlement.

Plus Extra Brokerage Charges, Rollover Cost can be avoided, due four days later.

In case you can’t trade in next contract due to any reason then better to Trade in Current month and do rollover on Expiry Thursday at 3:10pm

3). There shouldn’t be more than ₹2500/- price difference per lot basis from previously closed price &/or Preferred Entry Price mentioned therein.

If you are not getting advised Price for Entry then don’t chase, place order & wait.

4). Please continue to Hold until not advising Exit by Ignoring, News, Events, etc.

Intraday Volatility: beyond Control. Many times Intraday Swings work for us and few times against us. Sometimes this becomes way to difficult but we have to bear as no option.

5). You are requested to Share your Entry Exit Price promptly, so that we can maintain Records in better ways.

6). If you can’t Execute any particular call due to any reason then No Problem. Just keep us informed. Timely, Completely.

SELF EXIT is okay with us but Self Entry should be avoided at all Cost.

~ Two way communication is Important. So that we avoid counting profit (loss) of that particular Call(s) in your account.

Profit Loss would be counted in case no update received from your side.

Trade Execution is Your Responsibility.

We can minimize “RISK”. But, Impossible to eliminate completely. Don’t worry about “EXIT”.

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