Please do send mail at Rocket@RocketTrades.com for more clarifications & details, if any.

Are you one man Army ?

Not really.

We have 3 teams working together for enrichment of traders in general and clients particularly.

First Team headed by Senior most Analyst for paid clients. Supported by most experienced Analysts.

Second Team, following leads & Market analysis from first team and adjust entry exit in accordance with prevailing market conditions for Free Trial, Clients’ Self positions and other related general inquires. 

Lastly, generalized team catering the need of day to day working, PR (Social Media), vendor & website management, legal, taxation & other admin related works.



What is your style of working?

We are focusing on one Entry and One Exit at current market price (CMP) in all given trading calls.

We have developed & following in-house trading strategy which is very much dependable in all market conditions.

We are giving mostly Short term holding calls with T+4 holding at the max, depending upon market conditions.

You can close any given position your own if getting more than Rs.8000/- profit or loss per lot basis but paid clients need to wait for our confirmation to exit from the positions.



How many trading calls you would be giving & what about accuracy?

We provide 1 calls each day to clients on an average; which means one would get maximum 20 trading calls in a month.

Trading Calls will be given with 80% & above accuracy; which means 16 calls would not be generating any losses for you, whatsoever.

However, past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Trading is subject to market risks. 


IS your past performance in genuine & trust worthy?

YES, very much. Because we are updating live trading call during the market hours for everyone to follow and trade. One can get details like Entry & exit timings with levels, total number of calls generated, maximum losses possible, average profit by month’s end, from our past performance.

Another purpose of updating live calls on site is to maintain transparency with paid clients. So that you are in loop about official entry, exit, total number of calls generated on a particular date with other relevant details like time and date stamp.



How much capital is requited to trade?

Capital required is directly linked with your willingness to trade and answers to following questions like,

1. How many lot’s you prefer to trade at a single time ?

2. Whether you are okay with carry forwarding positions to next working day.

3. Whether you want to trade Positional also ? For example as of now we have 3 buy positions running under positional segment which are not updated on site namely IDEA, ONGC, CONCOR for at-least 10 to 20% price target. (12 April 2016)



Are you providing with Cash Calls ?

Our idea and focus is only in FnO derivatives positions both Swing & Positional.

We are giving MCX Commodity trading calls also. However, avoiding Pure Cash Intraday calls at all cost. 



Are you offering any discount for first timers?

You can join WhatsApp paid service by paying 10000/- for first month; whereas, original charges are Rs.30000/ monthly for profit restriction of 5 times. Since this is your first payment so offering you an attractive pricing point to encourage you further.

Secondly, we offers profit-sharing in 70-30 ratio also with certain terms & conditions, which are,

1. KYC details (Aadhaar Card, Crossed & Signed Cheque, PAN Card)

2. Friday to Friday settlement for booked positions only

3. Willingness to trade in 6 positions  (or 12 lots at once) with minimum 10lac Capital.

4. Immediate update about entry & exit from a given positions to maintain records.

Government Taxes as applicable; and above ratio is exclusive of the same.

This is just to demotivate non-serious traders, neither in past nor currently & in Futures we do not have any intentions to do profit sharing.



Are you giving Free Trial?

We are advising only Positional Futures (2 to 20 days) with daily updates given Market Volatility and News Flows. So, in this circumstances regular Trial is not possible.

Secondly, Intraday and Options are Strictly prohibited at Rocket Trades. Since,

Intraday is purely Sentimental driven and Options are depreciating asset and can’t be rollover, if required.

For Confidence building we are updating our blog every now & then. All you need to have is a valid E-Mail ID and you would get those updates delivered live to your Inbox free of cost, life-long.

However, WhatsApp and SMS service is only for paid client/s. Trial can be given on WhatsApp for maximum two days or 2 Stock Future calls.



Do you speak with client/s over mobile, Skype etc ?

Yes Very much; We do prefer communication of any kind, be verbal or written. All you have to do is to suggest a mutually convenient time to arrange a call. We strongly feel that a clarification is must and secondly, everything can’t be explained via writing alone.

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