Investor Charter


To Multiply Core Invested Capital in the quickest possible time for every single Client / Subscriber / Member at Rocket Trades given Market Conditions & Risk.


We are focusing on the followings to achieve our Vision,

  • Limited Numbers but Quality Trading Calls for Stock Futures and Index Futures per year.
  • Trading without Stoploss is strictly prohibited; that is why Avoiding Intraday, Options, Penny Stocks.
  • To give unbiased Market View by doing Self Analysis, by following On-The-Ground Approach, keep improvising highly tried & tested Strategy with time to pick that exclusive trading calls and generate guidance for best possible Entry and Exit from the Market.

Details of business transacted by the Research Analyst with respect to the Investors:

  • All the Trading Calls, Market View, Opinions including Entry Exit will be shared with all the Clients / Subscribers / Members only at Standard timings i.e. 8:55am and on 3:10pm on working days exclusively via WhatsApp Number +91 9900330558.
  • To attain all the Queries, doubts (via Over Phone, SMS, WhatsApp) during Market Hours and try to resolve with best of information, clarity available at that point in time.
  • To Update performance achieved on website for total transparency from time to time.
  • To provide an independent unbiased view on securities.
  • To offer unbiased recommendation, disclosing the financial interests in recommended securities, if at all any.
  • To provide research recommendation, based on analysis of publicly available information and known observations.
  • To conduct audit annually and to maintain records digitally.

Details of services provided to investors:

  • To distribute research reports and recommendations to the clients without any discrimination / prejudice.
  • To maintain confidentiality with respect to publication of the research report until made available in the public domain.
  • To disclose transparent pricing (fee structure) with complete details via Website.
  • We are neither offering execution services in any manner nor accepting any investing funds in our accounts. Secondly, we are not even doing (self) trading.
  • We are a research firm and not an advisory firm. Purely focusing on Research & Analysis Work.
  • We do not offer financial planning, risk assessment or customization of offerings.
  • We operate strictly as per requirements of the SEBI RA regulations.
  • Please be sure before subscribing. All services are non refundable. All Rights Reserved.

Grievance Redressal Mechanism – how to access it:

In case of any grievance / complaint, an investor should approach Mr. Nilesh Jain and he shall ensure that the grievance is resolved within 30 days.

You can communicate your complain via following form.

Alternatively, If the investor’s complaint is not redressed satisfactorily, one may lodge a complaint with SEBI on SEBI’s SCORES portal which is a centralized web based complaints redressal system. URL Attached.

SEBI takes up the complaints registered via SCORES with the concerned intermediary for timely redressal. SCORES facilitates tracking the status of the complaint.

With regard to physical complaints, investors may send their complaints to:

Office of Investor Assistance and Education,

Securities and Exchange Board of India,

SEBI Bhavan. Plot No. C4-A, ‘G’ Block,

Bandra-Kurla Complex, Bandra (E),

Mumbai – 400 051.

Expectations from the investors (Responsibilities of investors).

  • Please do speak at-least once in week to clarify your doubts, discuss about Market expectations going forward. We welcome your Call, SMS, E-Mail even during Market hours.
  • Please,
    • Avoid Over Trading including Self Trading,
    • Do not leave (ignore) any given Trading Call,
    • Do not overlook Market updates / “ENTRY EXIT” Instructions,
    • Update your Entry Exit Prices and Open Positions periodically to us.
  • Do not assume that we are running any kind of assured (guaranteed) Profit Scheme / Plan. All our updates, reports, view, opinion, trading calls are subject to Market Risk.
  • You are requested to follow our Updates in total. Most Importantly, Execution is your responsibility.
  • Please ask all relevant questions and clear your doubts before acting on the recommendation.
  • Always pay attention towards disclosures made in the research reports before investing.
  • Our Banking channels’ payment details are disclosed in the Side Bar (including on foot notes) and you must maintain receipts mentioning the details of your payments to us.
  • You must subscribe to E-Mail Inbox Service which will enable you to get website article delivered in to you instantly.
  • All important details are mentioned on side bar and in foot notes. We understand that you had read them, understood them, aware of them and after that only had subscribed to Rocket Trades.

Complaint Data for Month Ending – April 2023

SLSourcePendingReceivedResolvedTotal PendingPending complaints more than 90 DaysAverage Resolution time in days
1Directly from Investors000000
3Other Sources000000
Grant Total

Trend of monthly disposal of complaints

SLMonthCarried forward from previous monthReceivedResolvedPending
1December 20210000
2January 20220000
3February 20220000
4March 20220000
5April 20220000
6May 20220000
7June 20220000
8July 20220000
9August 20220000
10September 20220000
11October 20220000
12November 20220000
13December 20220000
14January 20230000
15February 20230000
16March 20230000
17April 20230000
18May 2023
19June 2023
20July 2023

Trend of annual disposal of complaints

SLMonthCarried forward from previous monthReceivedResolvedPending
12021 – 20220000
22022 – 20230000
32023 – 2024
Grant Total000