Nifty TGT New Closing High (possibly 10700 & 10900)

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Theory of Analysis & Trading Conclusion: 

Trading Markets entitled every single Individual to draw their own conclusion.

For Example: In rare case only, two different Technical Analysts would draw same conclusion by seeing one set of price action (chart reading).

In a nutshell, we can safely assume that Stock Market comprises People who represents many approach, thoughts, attitude and therefore, react in different fashion for same news, development. Resulting in price fluctuation / volatility.

In shorts, alignment of thoughts is a bigger challenge for an advisory then generating (analysing and selecting best possible) trading positions for it’s Clients.Read More »

Nifty Index Trading Range 10200 To 10500

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Important Dates

First & Foremost: 19 OCTOBER 2017 (Diwali Muhurat Trading 2017)

Second: 26 OCTOBER 2017 (October Expiry Day)

Third: 6 November 2017 (Nifty made Fresh all time high at 10490.45)


Now, it is time to understand the following Images,

On 31st OCTOBER 2017 (after market hours), ROCKET paid clients were informed that Nifty has 10500 level as Strong Resistance.Read More »

JUSTDIAL (fake news or real substance, who knows!)

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Friday, 10 Nov 2017, many print publications, Business TV Channels directly or indirectly had run a story before Market opening that JUSTDIAL is to be acquired by Google.

JUSTDIAL management (rather quickly) clarify but around 11:30am that they did not have any proposal in hand from Google.

However, by then damage was already done. Because, JUSTDIAL was up 17% plus and were trading near day high of 551 in NSE Cash compare to prior day closing of 459.Read More »