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Stock Market Trading (irrespective of Intraday, Positional, Cash, Futures) is all about Risk –

First) Risk of relying on a method which is only back-tested and does not come with guaranteed success; which, of course, could be self developed or “Outsourced”.

Second) Risk of Image, Goodwill, Self-Esteem – If Success (profit) comes then we starts formulating future plans or if (by chance) losses comes then blame games start off.

Third) Risk of Hard Earn Money – which of course no one can afford to lose.Read More »

Pillars’ Strategy captures only the Trend !

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In last three months, we got three examples to justify the title of this Article.

All below 3 Examples highlighting the fact that,

1). Pillars’ Strategy “AVOID” any Trading Position in Range Bound Markets – NIFTY

2). Pillars’ Strategy can generate “BUY” even at all time High – BAJFINANCE

3). Pillars’ Strategy can generate “SHORT SELL” at Fresh 52wk High also – ADANIPOWER

All in all, we are neither biased nor third part dependent for Trading Calls / Views.Read More »