Market Range – Is it that Simple !?

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Prices are always on move,

~ Few times in Trend (highlighted as ABCD in the attached NIFTY50 Daily Chart).

~ But many times in range (oscillating in between of two price points);

And identification of Ranging Market Conditions are very important because, there Market builds-up energy for the next TREND.

What Next: Few times Trend Continuations but many a times Trend Reversal.

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YES, it is possible to buy at “Bottom” !!

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If past performance is any indication then YES, it is possible to buy at “Bottom”.

We have three live examples in last 21 months where our clients got bottom Entry.

And, the best part is that every bottom gave them all time high closing on weekly time frame, in-spite of all the news related to GDP, RBI, GST, NPA, Political and Geo-Political Tensions both domestic and internationally.

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Market Top – Is it that Simple?? (Part 1)

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Why only 5% traders end up making profits on their deployed capital ?

Simple Answer: because only those 5% people prefer Trend Trading – “Begining to End”.

Rest 95% gets bogged down in lure of making quick money especially explained and Marketed in percentage terms by vested Interests. For Example,

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