We shall give You 💯% Honest Accuracy.

Of-course, never risk free; at-least 20% of Your Capital is subjected to the Market Risk.

Be a Member at 100% Club to successfully manage “known unknowns” and “unknown unknowns” driven by Manic Monday, or Black Tuesday, or woeful Wednesday, or Terror Thursday or any normal Friday.

But, You must have the followings to be a Member at 100% Club.

  • One Script One Lot
  • Only Single Entry Exit
  • 3 Stock Futures Calls
  • NO Hurry to Exit
  • NO Hurry To Enter

  • Never Miss any Call.

Most Importantly shut all Media News, Events, Coverage. Only Follow our Instructions.

☝️If you do all these then Your 10lac could be 1Crore in 5 To 7 Years by doubling of Capital every year.

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First time here? Let me tell you why Pillars’ Strategy rocks!
Client Conversation before Payment. Audio: Hindi

We are focused. Specialized for Stock Futures. Clearly understand the Market Volatility therefore giving only 50 Calls per Year. Base of our calls are various permutation and combinations of Fundamental, Technical, Sentimental and Astrology Indicators and values.

☝️Strictly Following SEBI Rules & Regulation.

We are not running any paid Service for Intraday, Options, Penny Stocks, Currency, MCX. Only Index and Stock Futures.

WhatsApp Service with Two Messages per day at 8:55am and 3:10pm, only. Clearly defined Entry Exit in Plain Simple English.

You can work with any SEBI registered Broker. Execution is Your responsibility. Market Support during Market hours is ours.