Correction, Recession, Depression !!

Greetings !!

NIFTY Spot Index had crossed Financial Correction’s limit and even priced in Economic Recession Risk also at yesterday’s closing Price of below 9000. Now, People are talking about DEPRESSION (extended Economic Slowdown for months together) which means 7500 below, even possible 6000, too.

According to us that seems to be impossible. However, we don’t rule out anything.

We will advise BUY (or SHORT SELL) in NIFTY & BANKNIFTY Futures and Individual Stock Futures only when Pillars’ Strategy confirms that to us. Not before that. Not without Stop Loss. Till then, we are maintaining Status Quo.

Clients (we call them Rocket Traders) are in 100% Cash.

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Greetings !!

Coronavirus, YESBANK, OIL WAR made NIFTY50 bleed like anything (1952pts to be precise) in last 17 working days.

However, this was not entirely unexcepted but timing and intensity took us for the ride.

All those reasons are event driven and not the systematic risk to overall Financial Systems – that is what is made to be believed us up until now.

Only the Governments (WORLD OVER) and their close confidents only knows the exact situation at hand. Rest all (including us) are working on possibilities, only.

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HDFCBANK: Trouble Managed with flying Colors…

Greetings !!

QUESTION: Who can Book Losses Comfortably ?

ANSWER: Guess, no one. Including us.

Without a doubt, Every Man / Woman is way to emotional in Money Matters. And that is why Market Players, Participates either Make wonderful or Worst Ever decisions regarding Entry Exit of their financial life.

No Wonder. We all are humans. Emotion is the proof of “Being Human”.

And on lighter note, that is why Salman Khan, Amir Khan, and Shahrukh Khan are successful. Don’t believe me, ask any girl, lady or happily married husband.Read More »