Highlights of 2019…

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Short Sell and/or Negative View given to Clients during the 2019 were: NCC, BPCL, SRF, IBULHSGFIN, ENGINERSIN, EQUITAS, KTKBANK, SAIL, YESBANK, MARUTI, BHARATFORG, ESCORTS, ICICIBANK, SBIN… about HANGSENG, too.


Limited, Quality, Trend Reversal Approach and ALL WORKED”.

Each Successful Call (view) generated minimum 30,000 to 1,00,000+ Profit Per lot basis.

You can count our Calls on finger. Because, we always avoid excess trading. Options are not done during the entire twelve months’ period of 2019, and rarely did Intraday.

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Trend Reversal Calls: FEW EXAMPLES…

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TRADING is high risk High Reward business. Losses are guaranteed whereas Profits are uncertain, variable and dependent on many “IFs’ and “BUTs”.

We have devised an entirely new concept of Market Analysis using all of the above and many other factors which help market move which is formally name as “Rocket Pillars’ Strategy”.

There are four main branches of Market analysis, namely

Sentimental cum behavioural Analysis

Fundamental Analysis

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Market Range – Is it that Simple !?

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Prices are always on move,

~ Few times in Trend (highlighted as ABCD in the attached NIFTY50 Daily Chart).

~ But many times in range (oscillating in between of two price points);

And identification of Ranging Market Conditions are very important because, there Market builds-up energy for the next TREND.

What Next: Few times Trend Continuations but many a times Trend Reversal.

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