Correction, Recession, Depression !!

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NIFTY Spot Index had crossed Financial Correction’s limit and even priced in Economic Recession Risk also at yesterday’s closing Price of below 9000. Now, People are talking about DEPRESSION (extended Economic Slowdown for months together) which means 7500 below, even possible 6000, too.

According to us that seems to be impossible. However, we don’t rule out anything.

We will advise BUY (or SHORT SELL) in NIFTY & BANKNIFTY Futures and Individual Stock Futures only when Pillars’ Strategy confirms that to us. Not before that. Not without Stop Loss. Till then, we are maintaining Status Quo.

Clients (we call them Rocket Traders) are in 100% Cash.

Few words about Long Term Cash Investments:

If history is any indication then whoever had invested during Recession had made money (read wealth) but over time. Not Instantly, Not without Pain. Therefore, we are compel to provide you with few ideas which you can explore further, if feels doing so.

Prior to current rout following Stocks as mentioned in Table One were in Bull Markets, based on their own strength. Market wide Weakness seen in last 17 sessions took them down, too but still they are relatively outperforming on the following grounds,

1). All of them made their respective ATH / 52 Week High during January – February 2020 period, only. Non had broken their 52wk low till date. In spite of seeing Market wide Down Circuit on Friday, 13 March 2020.

That made us believes that they are in Strong Hands.

2). All are Derivative Stocks which means Trading participation & Liquidity is not an issue.

3). In a sense, each one of them is a Market Leader in their own Industry / Sector.

4). None of them are involve in any dispute, conflict and/or Under Investigations by any enforcement agency like ED, CBI and/or regulatory agency like SEBI, RBI, CCI . Disclaimer: please do double – check yourself.

5). This is a Model portfolio. Designed to see over time performance given present Market Conditions. Totally 12 Stocks. Equal Weighted.

6). Price Targets are “FRESH” 52 week High and/or all time High, respectively. Long Term Holdings, only. Good to hold till not hitting Stop-Loss on Closing Basis in NSE Cash Prices. Accumulation (multiple entry prices) depending upon risk profile.



Our focus remains for Short Term Trading in Futures and Futures only.

Penny Stocks, Intraday Equity and Options are not advised at Rocket Trades.

Long Term Investments are preferred but only in NIFTYEFT – You can invest in any ETF Fund provided that should be liquate enough. We prefer SETFNIF50 because of two reasons,

First: managed by SBIN subsidiary – SBI Mutual Fund

Second: Largest Asset Under Management till date,

Please do check attached URL for more details…

We don’t have any Commercial Associations, Tie-Ups and/or participates of Incentive Scheme with SBI Mutual Fund. This is only for a Value addition for our Esteemed Clients.

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