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Coronavirus, YESBANK, OIL WAR made NIFTY50 bleed like anything (1952pts to be precise) in last 17 working days.

However, this was not entirely unexcepted but timing and intensity took us for the ride.

All those reasons are event driven and not the systematic risk to overall Financial Systems – that is what is made to be believed us up until now.

Only the Governments (WORLD OVER) and their close confidents only knows the exact situation at hand. Rest all (including us) are working on possibilities, only.

Before proceeding further, please have a look at attached NIFTY Spot Index Chart…


This is unsustainable. NIFTY50 took out all major Market Supports (calculated, identify by Pillars’ Strategy) only at Gap Downs. Which indicates that there is more than meets the eye.

Pillars’ View: this still qualifies as normal Correction. Be clear this is not the Down Trend.

If you don’t believe us then check yourself, list is complied for the easy reference…

Long Term Investors: All you have to do is to keep updating this checklist from time to time. Required Data is freely available over Internet.

However, during January & February 2020 we had only One Buy Call whereas rest all were SHORT SELLING that to be from NIFTY50 Pack except two DLF, APOLLOTYRE.

Our ratio of advised BUY to advised SHORT SELL is 1 to 8… then also we missed “THREE” big calls. Otherwise, “TREND REVERSAL CALLS” ratio of Pillars’ Strategy could have been 1 to 11.

Anyways, following 3 missed, big time. Please have a look to the attached screen shots,


Traders, Market Participants, Investors, all have short term memory but few. Whereas, we must learn from the past experience / mistakes.

Recall, what was happening in September 2019 (just 6 months back) at 10800 levels. AND, when NIFTY50 made new all time high around 12400, we all forget the negativity of that time. How conveniently, I must say so…

Likewise, at current levels, we now prefer to ignore all the positivity of January 2020 when NIFTY50 made all time high.

Intraday, Options, Long Term Cash Investment is not our cup of tea.

Lastly, saving losses is part of accuracy especially during abnormal Market Conditions, which we are facing now.

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