What Tracking…

Pillars’ Strategy is tracking all the NSE listed Stock Futures, except







We will keep on adding new (or deleting old)  ones as & when NSE make changes in derivatives segments.


What we are not Tracking:

Near about 1550 Stocks are getting traded every single day in NSE Cash segments.

Impossible to track all. Therefore, We keep our focus only on top 140 Stocks. And, ignore rest.


Secondly, Intraday and Options are strictly prohibited at Rocket Trades. Because,

By design and nature, “OPTIONS” are depreciating Instrument. Meaning, they keep on losing value with Time even though our analysis, market directions, entry level everything seems to be perfect.

Secondly, Options are getting sold off by FIIs and HNIs to Retailers. And, making money against them is quite difficult if not entirely impossible.

“INTRADAY” moves only on prevailing sentiments based on News Flow, Event Outcomes which again Impossible to measure (analyse) in real time with consistency.

And, One can’t trade intraday unless watching Screen (terminal) full time, most importantly can book losses, instantly.

Intraday Price movement is also a starting point of the all sorts of Trend Reversal/s.


Many Traders incurred heavy losses doing Intraday because they convert Intraday Trades to Positional and Secondly, Premium paid for an Option Trade is 100% risk whereas Margin Paid against Futures’ positions is nothing but a deposit.

Therefore, Advising only in Futures’ Segment.