Pillars’ Strategy generated INR 169000/- Profit out of single Lots

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Trading Success requires perfect blend of Ego, Risk, Possibilities and Trust. Mind you this is rare combination. So, we works with PROBABILITIES to overcome from this rarity.

In this article, we are showcasing the same PROBABILITY concept in working.

Secondly, you would realize upon reading this write-up that none of our messages are in isolation rather interlinked and that to be well in advance, this is real analysis.

Screen Short attached for easy reference.


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Believe or not: but this is the fact !!

Greetings !!

Every Stock Market Trader needs only two things to be successful (or survive) from Market’s onslaught, namely

first). Major Support &/or Resistance Level as the case may be, and,

second). Expected Directional View – especially when News Flow is against you.

Today’s write-up is covering those two points in great details. Treat this as Case Study. If any doubt or query then please do cross verification before drawing any conclusion.

As usual our opponent would not believe but this is the only the fact !!
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