Minus Points of the Pillars’ Strategy ‼️

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Stock Market Trading is a Zero Sum Game. In other words either You win all or You loss all.

One incurred losses only when one decides to Sell something worth 100 at 50 because of the Imbalances created by the

1). Subjective assessments of various Events, Statements, Press Conferences,

2). Confusion created by unlimited “Data Points”, like IIP, GDP, Results, etc

3). All those floating Rumours, Conspiracy TheoriesRead More »

Unprecedented March – April 2020 !?

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Many things had happened during March – April 2020 Expiry (Month) which should be discussed, debated because they are going to be “THE” benchmark – Trend Setters for near to far future, therefore not to be forgotten. Few are listed below,

1). United Leadership across the board, Spectrum (Political, Judiciary, Executive, Media).

2). NYMEX CRUDE OIL April Futures traded, settled in negative rates, so is the MCX.Read More »

Time to Feel Positive…

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Reasons are many, you just need to see and accept them, for example,


Positive Number One: Markets are not going to go to Zero

S&P500 had seen 12 Bear Markets since WWII and 5 Bear Markets since 1970 excluding March 2020 and the S&P 500 has always been higher just 10 years later and by an average of nearly 240%. And in Indian Context,

History suggests whenever markets have faced turbulent times, they has eventually been able to overcome that and gone on to make newer highs. We have seen NIFTY50 (Sensex) deliver a one-year average return of 50% in six similar instances earlier. There is no reason to believe that it would be any different this time.Read More »