MARCH 2020: Before and thereafter…

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NIFTY50 fell 4500pts in 20 working days, was it normal ?

As you know Index was trading near about 12000 levels on 24th February 2020 and exactly a month later (i.e. on 23rd March) NIFTY50 was at 7500 levels.


Anyways, Reaction (or emotional feelings) to that depends entirely upon one factor and that is in which category one falls in, for example,Read More »

Review: Improvising Future by learning from the Past

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News, Events, Rumours make Market Dance. *(List is in the footnotes)

Therefore, Market Participants must be vigilant all the time, as what will happen when can’t be said, except you are THE Insider/s; which definitely, we are not.

However, with Pillars’ Strategy we did capitalized on almost all the News, Events, Rumours of last 13 months (i.e. April 2019 to May 2020) either by booking profits or by remaining 100% in Cash therefore avoiding losses especially during March 2020 – Shortest, Sharpest Bull to Bear Market transition seen till date.

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Minus Points of the Pillars’ Strategy ‼️

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Stock Market Trading is a Zero Sum Game. In other words either You win all or You loss all.

One incurred losses only when one decides to Sell something worth 100 at 50 because of the Imbalances created by the

1). Subjective assessments of various Events, Statements, Press Conferences,

2). Confusion created by unlimited “Data Points”, like IIP, GDP, Results, etc

3). All those floating Rumours, Conspiracy TheoriesRead More »