March 2020


Warren Buffett once said that as an investor, it is wise to be “Fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”

Warren Buffett Indicator [Historical Ratio of Total Market Cap over GDP (%)] – The current ratio of BSE SENSEX’s total market cap over GDP for India is 41%. The historical high was 158%; the historical low was 40%. And, Historical mean 76%…

Source – NIFTY Spot Index – 23rd March 2020 – Click below URL for Details…


Now, at current levels of NSE NIFTY Spot Index value at 7600 &/or BSE SENSEX @ 26000 no one will talk about Political Stability, 5 trillion economy target by 2025, Price Earning Ratios, Dividend Yield, Price to Book Value, Blue Chip AAA rated Stocks’ deep value, so on so fourth…

Therefore, encouraging Retail Investors to do Long Term Investments, at-least in NIFTYETF.

Ironically, same set of people do talks about this & more at 12000 plus NIFTY50 levels.

Anyways, we remains optimist as ever… by 2030 NIFTY50 expected to be 23000+

However, we are neither interested in Intraday, Options nor in Cash Long Term Investments.

We prefer only Trend Reversal Derivatives Trading in Futures’ segment with enough (5lac plus) Capital Sized Trading account.

In that context, below is real time example of how we managed unforeseen, unexpected, unbelievable Global Bear Market Trend Reversal seen from all time high in shortest time span (only 22 sessions in total).


How did Pillars’ Strategy managed this Men Made Health Crisis of March 2020…

1). Our Last Trade was INFY March Futures SHORT SELL given on 24 February 2020,

2). Thereafter, No Fresh Trade advised, which means, Sitting 100% in Cash from last 30 days.

Irrespective of Market seeing 2nd Down Circuit in 10 Calendar Days. 1st being on 13 Mar ’20.

Therefore, No Tension, No Panic. Because, Clients at Rocket Trades are SAFE.

In short, When not to Trade is also an accuracy. See attached Screen Shots,


MARCH 4, 2020: NIFTY50 Closed at 11251 whereas our update was at Opening Bell.

MARCH 18, 2020: NIFTY Closed at 8468 whereas our update was at Opening Bell.


Rarely, we do Mid-Market Updates but left with no Option on following Two Days.

MARCH 9, 2020: Friday Closed at 10989 whereas MONDAY March 9, NIFTY50 Closed 10451

MARCH 12, 2020: Wednesday (next day after Holi break) Market Closed at 10458 but on Weekly Expiry day on March 12 Closed at 9590 resulting in 900+ point loss without any Event, News Flow, Scam &/or Scandal, Election Result/s, RBI etc…


We don’t want abnormal Volatility. Check Below.

Friday, MARCH 20, 2020: Mentioned about 8000 Target,

*Monday, March 23, 2020: And, unexpectedly achieved the very next day.

*Last Updated: 23 March 2020


With above Write-up You can understand more about our working Principles in Practice:

1). We never Trade with the Market’s Sentiments – as No Analysis required in that case

2). We never afraid to Sit idle – Patience to deploy Cash

3). We never afraid to surrender before Market Forces – Patience of not to deploy Cash

4). We never stopped, and/or run away from our responsibility, irrespective of Market Conditions – Continuation of Support and Quality of Service, uncompromised.

5). We never advised Long Term Cash Investments at 12000 NIFTY Spot Index Levels. But, now at current levels of 7600 we did so – Becoming Greedy when others are Fearful.

6). Attached Screen Shots are nothing but records of our Transparency with Clients. No Excel Sheet Records. Secondly, neither we got into Over Trading nor Excessive (compulsive) trading in-spite of mouth watering levels in Stocks & NIFTY, BankNifty.

In short, we practice what we preach.


Unique Points at Rocket Trades:

1). Only Two Updates at Specific time (Morning Opening Bell 8:55am and Afternoon Closing Bell 3:10pm) covering all Updates related to ENTRY, EXIT, HOLD &/or otherwise.

2). Constant Support via Phone, WhatsApp, Text both on and off Market hours.

3). Only Trend Reversal Calls (advise) for Stock Futures & NIFTY BANKNIFTY Futures.

4). Use of Plain Simple Jargon Free English for 100% Clarity, and WhatsApp only Service for 100% Transparency.

5). All Trading Calls come in a very specific designed format under “SELECT CALL” Brand.

Because all of above & more no chance left for any sort of confusion at your levels.