Rocket Trades’ Pillars’ Strategy

Market Analysis is very tricky, time consuming and can never be certain. On top of that, there is always a element of surprise which means nothing works permanently neither Indicators (even set of Indicators) nor any specific Price patterns.

Even multiple time frame analysis will draw different conclusions for the same set of data.

For Example,

~ 15mins will give you buying Impression

~ 75mins could give you consolidation formation

~ Daily Time Frame may give Short Selling Indications

~ Weekly Time Frame would give you Bullish Consolidations

All in all, it is Market’s job to keep traders in confusion to maintain liquidity and volatility.



We, at RocketTrades, had divided Market analysis into 4 parts or Pillars, namely,

First: Nifty Index Stocks – Individual Conclusions (Buy, Short Sell),

Second: GOLD & Crude – Inflation / Growth Barometer,

Third: USDINR (NSE) – Indicative of Government Finances, Functioning, and

Fourth: HANGSENG – Indicates prevailing status of International Financial Markets.


And, Everyone has their own part to play. Some time with more weight and on other occasions with less weight.

For example: During Domestic Events like Gujarat Elections 2017 Nifty Stocks would be more important then GOLD, HANGSENG or USDINR for that matter.


During International Events like Trump or Brexit – GOLD, USDINR, HANGSENG will be more important than Individual analysis of all Nifty Constitute Stocks, put together.


Secondly, When Nifty is in BUY mode than, by default, BankNifty and Stocks Futures are buy for us.

However, Sometimes Stocks do give Early Indication for Nifty Reversal. On those occasions We would advise Stock Futures Short Sell even though Nifty remains in BUY at the same time.

Trading in Options is not preferable, except if having Cash holdings and willing to write Options.

Trading in Penny Stocks (Circuit) which does not have credible fundamentals are strictly “NO” from us. We do not believe in News / Operators’ based trading decisions, either.


Rocket Pillars Strategy can be divided into Three Parts:

1). SSS – Shock Shocking Shocked – Bullish Breaks all Resistance and Bearish all Supports

2). OAA – One Against All – Bullish Gives Entry after all accumulation Done by (so called) Insiders and Bearish upon all distribution.

3). HEL – Hidden Entry Levels – Covers the ground in-between of SSS & OAA.

Initially, believing is very difficult in all of above. And that’s the Power of Rocket Pillars.

Fundamental, Technical, Sentimental “AND” Astrology: Forms of Analysis.