NIFTY50: Better Guidance in Last 25 Months ‼

You Must Know…

How many Gap-Openings were there in last 518 Trading Sessions ⁉
  • There were only 27 Gap-Down Openings in Excess of 1%, “AND”
  • Only 37 Gap-Up Openings were in Excess of 1%.

🙂 That’s All. Which means, 90% Days’ Trading had seen NORMAL Opening in last 25 Months (from July 2019 To July 2021) – that is One Year Before Covid-19 and after One Year of Covid-19 driven volatility.

We know all this today… After so many Breaking NEWS”

But, people guessing what will happen today by Watching News and SGX.

Before, You are wise; After, You are wise. In between, You are otherwise.

— David Zindell