Premium Calls

We are having two kinds of Trading Tips, Calls, Advice… which are provided to paid clients

First: Power of Signature

Second: Power of Premium (POPCALL)

Below is the difference outlined on various common ground for easy understanding.

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Difference between Signature and Premium Calls


Particulars Power of Signature Premium (POPCALL)
1 Capital Requirement 7lac plus

2.5lac minimum


Profit potential per call basis Rs.20000 & More Rs.9000 – 20000 per lot
3 Nature of Calls* Mostly BUY

Both Buy & Short Sell


Holding Period 3 – 15 Days & more Maximum 3 days
5 Service Segments INDEX, MCX, Stock



Profit Commitment Up to 10 Times Up to 5 Times

*Under Signature Plan we may give mostly BUY calls for Stock Futures but for Indices and MCX both BUY and Short Sell trades would be given, depending upon our market view and prevailing opinion & sentiments.

Our main focus is on NSE and MCX Derivatives only  However, not dealing in Options at-least as of now. Options, Cash intraday are strictly avoided.

Dedicated support and exclusive services are provided under both Signature and Premium Plan. This website contents past performance details of POPCALL Paid calls only.

~ Signature Plan subscription starts with 1.5lac for 10+ Profit commitment

~ Premium Plan subscription starts from 10000 for 50000/- Profit commitments

Free Trial is possible only for Signature plan. Premium Plan is open only direct subscription.




*Government Taxes and regulatory expenses are extra & as applicable.

*Bengaluru Jurisdiction

*SEBI listed Research Analysts.