Six Reasons

6 Reasons why you should opt for our trading calls & give us a chance to show performance 🙂

Biggest reason is nothing but “Consistency maintained and never say die attitude by our analysts”, irrespective of market conditions.

Our USP is nothing but “SELECTION OF STOPLOSS” and we avoid taking big risk, whatsoever.


Reason Number 1: Lower Trading Cost & lesser Capital requirement 

We are generating trading calls only for Derivatives (FnO) segments which means lesser requirement of capital and lower brokerage cost. This helps in compounding Capital ROI because of reduced cost. Penny saved is penny earned. Be Nifty & Stocks FnO and MCX Commodity for that matter.

Secondly, trading in options, Forex, NCDEX and cash is avoided because of obvious reasons.


Reason Number 2: Average Holding period is of 96 working hours

Generated Trading Calls has maximum holding period of Intraday to 6 days. This helps in maximise profit potential without increasing unnecessary risk which comes with positional & swing trading.

Upon passing of 96hrs Client is free to hold or exit from positions under information to us.

Hybrid holding time analysis is helping us in capturing whole price momentum by revising trailing SL. In other words, we are neither holding positions too long nor too short.


Reason Number 3: Fully Developed Trading Strategy  

All trading calls are generated from dependable, reliable and most importantly in-house developed trading strategy. Please do browse past performance segments & other relevant details.

Practise, experience and world’s number One Technical Analysis Software do the rest.


Reason Number 4: Get Real Time Entry & Exit at Current Market Prices

All trading calls will be given on current market price with One Entry and One Exit, which helps in doing trading smoothly without any confusion. Biggest benefit is nothing but Sudden Price Spike is also getting avoided in this process.

This is possible because our Technical Analysis Model (Software) is sourcing live data feed directly from NSE Servers / website unlike many of our competitors.


Reason Number 5: Considerable Reduction in Event Risk

Since we are giving you only One Entry and One Exit therefore it becomes important that trading levels should be double checked. This double check reduces dependency on Company news & Media analysis, Global Market movements, event risk and Governmental announcements etc.

Most importantly, you can trade as many lots as you want. However, we do prefer Single lot per trade with 4 open counter at a time for Stock Futures. And 6 lots for Index Futures (Nifty & BankNIFTY).


Reason Number 6: SL, TGT, Number of Calls, monthly accuracy

a.      Stop Loss: Maximum Losses per trade vary from Rs.5000 to Rs.25000 per lot basis.

b.      Target: “Minimum” Profit per position vary from Rs.1000 to Rs.60000 per lot basis.

c.      Maximum 24 trades will be given in a typical & full expiry month; 2 Calls per Day.

d.      80%+ accuracy:  Means 19 & more calls would not be giving you any losses, whatsoever. 

However, we take responsibility to recover losses (if any) by keep providing you as a paid client with fresh trading positions / calls without charging afresh.

Secondly, for paid clients we follow specific Stop Loss strategy depending upon prevailing market conditions and variable for each given advice (call / tips), which is nothing but NSE cash closing basis and activated only after 3:15pm via whatsapp broadcast.

However, “Select Call” & “Event Calls” are beyond above descriptions.