Why us ?

You should and must subscribe to our paid services…

Why ?

Because, Our specialisation is in Nifty therefore you remain in trend and safe whatsoever the market conditions, events outcome, global volatility, governmental announcements.

For MCX, our focus is only in Gold, Silver at present, Crude, Copper, NG in near Future.

Required even more details then read further on.


1. We are doing limited trading… We hate over trading just like you do.

Our focus is on regular but on controlled trading.

~ IF you got 3lac plus capital then Join Nifty &/or MCX Trading Plan

~ IF having more than 6lac plus cash capital then look for Stocks Trading Plan

That’s only our limitation that you must have sufficient trading capital . We don’t need Mark to Margin but Span Margin for broker should be more than enough at your disposal.



2. We are giving Stock Future calls in sync with NIFTY directional view…

Which means, If nifty is in BUY conditions or at Support levels then we give only BUYING Calls in Stock Futures and vice a versa.

We don’t give BUY when NIFTY is (at Resistance or is) in Short Selling mode.

That’s why we don’t need to hold positions for more than 2 weeks…



3. We are giving Calls without TGT & Stop Loss…

This is somewhat debatable & controversial. Rather shocking for many traders !

Anyway, we would stick to our working of giving One Entry and One Exit depending upon prevailing market conditions. Some times at CMP and some other times above & below a specific levels on closing basis.

Either way, you will get entry & exit information only during market hours.

We are not afraid of holding & carry forwarding positions with (or even without) SL because of our NIFTY analysis & trading levels.



4. Profit restricted Service of 5 times of what you pay to us…

We are running our paid services on the basis of minimum 5 times profit restriction, which we could do because of all of above reasons.

In other words, If you pay us 10000 then your paid services will be up & running until you get 50000 Profits. We count & adjust losses in overall calculations also, provided if any.

Tentative Time it may take 10 to 25 plus working days for Stock Futures; however, for Index plan we can’t give you a specific timeline because of obvious reasons. If required we are open to extend service periods accordingly, too.

You just need two things First Minimum suggested “Capital” and Second “Patience”.



5. Why we don’t do pure Intraday… because we want you to make profits.

First & foremost, We do not do advice on the basis of Insider News, Operators.

Secondly, We can’t give Time guarantee that a particular call will get closed intraday basis

Thirdly, We prefer to do Standard number of shares per trade to calculate Profit Loss.

Fourth, Our Calls are based on NIFTY. Many times index struck even though directional view is supportive. It is not compulsory that Nifty must give movement the same day.

Fifth, FnO Segments has limited number of Stocks to do analysis. Whereas, Cash Segments has unlimited.


Focus is the most important thing in trading !

Second important thing is nothing but the faith.


6. Most Genuine Past Performance Maintenance System…

Most Importantly, we doubt Excel Sheet past performance records just like you therefore, we are maintaining live records. Only genuine & transparent advisory would do so.

We are updating live Trading (advised) Call in Comment Box of each working day that to be during Market hours, so that You can do Our Entry-Exit Analysis by checking the Date, Time Stamp. However, we inform paid clients first via WhatsApp broadcast.

Secondly, We are giving One Entry and One Exit. Which takes out the possible conflict of interest & confusion about partial profit booking with multiple Targets & Stop Loss from the Risk Reward Ratio’s point of view. We prefer 1 lot trading in Stock Futures per position.



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