About us

Our working is all about live calls and updates, covering Indices, Stocks, Commodity.

We maintain 100% transparency in our working by taking following measures,

1. Updating every valid trading call on site, Irrespective of anything. So that you can verify entry, exit along-with date & timings of the same at later stage (if required).

2. Our focus is to give you one entry & one exit whatsoever. Data bombarding would make trading decisions difficult.

3. Additional number of calls will be updated on site when markets are trading with high volatility supported by increase in trading volumes on either side.

  1. In event of stable market conditions, very limited (few) calls will be provided.

5. We do have pre-decided SL & TGT for every given call in place but actual executions makes the difference between a profitable & loss incurred trade. Therefore, you are requested to wait patiently for WhatsApp exit message.

  1. You are requested to clarify anything & everything from us before taking any decision. Pre-judgmental approach & assumption should be avoided in all cases.

We always follow dynamic Stop Loss and Target levels; why because we believe in “Flexibility” which is the most important factor between losses & Profits for derivatives trading.

If you are interested in getting live calls on your mobile then send request mail with complete details comprising name, city, product, capital size, maximum risk you can bear, past trading experience, monthly profit expectations & requirements to Rocket@RocketTrades.com

Upon certain formalities, you would start getting live Calls on your mobile via WhatsApp.

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