Our Latest Market Thoughts, & Out-Performance…👇

Executions Just before Quarterly Results ‼

Following Stock Futures Trading Calls were advised just before they were due for their quarterly Results.

This is not our over-confidence, aggressive risk taking reckless behavior and/or arrogance.

Rather, confidence on Pillars’ Strategy data driven Call Selection, ability to execute Stop-Loss ruthlessly, (if at all any) and/or carefulness of intrinsic value analysis.

  • SUNTV – BUY – Advised @ 407 levels in August 2020
  • SRTRANSFIN – BUY – Advised below 700 levels in October 2020
  • BAJAJ-AUTO – BUY – Advised @ 3550 levels in January 2021
  • ZEEL – BUY – Advised @ 192 levels in May 2021

First three generated superb short term returns. Let’s see what ZEEL does…

Better to overcome from “FEAR OF LOSSES”.


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