SUNTV: 15 paisa converted in to 1,00,000+ Profit !!

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Stock Market Trading, especially derivatives works on four principles, every single time.

First: The only certainty is that there is no certainty.

Second, every decision, as a consequence, is a matter of weighing probabilities.

Third, despite uncertainty, we must decide and we must act.

And lastly, we need to judge decisions not only on the results but also on how we made them.

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Nifty Spot Index started January Expiry from 10779.80 levels and Ended at 10830.95 – Net Difference: 51.15pts with High Point being at 10961.85 and low was at 10583.65

Total Trading Range was (H-L) 378.20 only – Quite Manageable irrespective of one’s sentiments were Bullish or Bearish. Both, got multiple Entry Exits during the Expiry.

Recall how much Panic was being inflicted by vested Interests with Data Bombarding, SGX Price Volatility, Opinions shared in Media, Forums about Market Fundamentals & Technical Set-Up in the minds of Traders during the course of the Expiry.

Rocket Specialisations: Pillars’ Strategy captures only Trending Movements, during range bound price actions we prefer to stand-still, irrespective of news-flow &/or events (Results, Budget, Elections, RBI Meet, etc) are lined-up during the said period.

Trade Limited with Clear Entry Exit Level is the simple working motto at Rocket Trades.

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Nifty: Panic Rise from 10000 to 11000 levels was captured by our Rocket Pillars Strategy… (Part 1)

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Market’s Nature: Just like a our life moves from Day to Night and again to Day, in the same way a Traders’ life is also moves from Bullish Trading Positions to Bearish Sentiments and again back to Bullish situation. Cycle keeps on repeating without fail.

Rocket’s Nature: At the same time, NO Analyst can effort missing-on opportunities but it does not mean to over-shoot one’s trading limitations. Because, Survival in Market is more important then One day Wonder Hit. Trading is not a Lottery &/or Gambling.

And, That s exactly How Rocket Trades’ works for it’s Clients be Free Trial or the Paid Client.

Therefore, Patience for exact Trading Levels and timely action upon them is all what we required to be successful in derivatives. And this keep-on repeating day in day out and from one trading instruments to another.Read More »