MCX Crude – Panic Fall from 5155 till 4435 was Captured in two Short Sell Entries (Part 1)

Greetings !

What Crude did during October 2018 Quarter (Falling near about 2700pts in less then 3 months) was unexpected, sudden and on historical grounds purely unbelievable.

Globally most tracked, most liquid, most important Commodity for Economic activity across the nations becoming half in value that to be in less than 2 months is something we all must be surprised of… if this happened then anything can happen in any other trading instrument.

And in this chaos, Rocket Pillars Strategy had captured 720pts Profit Per lot Basis for Paid Clients, successfully ! All in all, You need Strong Levels to be Successful.

Short Sell Trade Entry Screen Shots: Sent to all Clients at 23:10hrs (11:10pm)

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