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Please Note ‼️

  • You please check this page every day before Market Opening.
  • We shall not be doing any kind of updates. Which means, there is neither daily follow up update nor any kind of Intraday updates. Only Exit update would be done by our side – Profit or Loss as the case may be.
  • Follow The Stop-loss levels strictly – no modification. Most importantly We advise you not to hold these trading positions against Stop-loss levels.
  • All the Stop-loss levels are on NSE Cash Closing Basis. However, Entry levels are of that current month Futures. We would not update Profit Booking or Expected Target. However, profit Booking could be done at your end and for that you need to check Monthly Expiry page every working day before 9:15am
  • This is complimentary updates and in Raw Forms.
  • WhatsApp Service is an example of the refined forms. 
  • Trading Calls remain the same including the Expected Entry Direction, Stop-loss levels. No difference on this aspect between the Raw or Refined form.
  • Only Difference between the Raw (web updates) & refined (WhatsApp) Service is Entry & Exit levels and daily follow-ups including Expiry Rollovers. 
  • Just like WhatsApp Service, trading calls updated here is atleast of 2 To 50 working days’ holding. And, could be extendable too.
    • Therefore rollover to upcoming expiry is your responsibility for the calls taken from here on. 
    • For Example: February Futures could be Rollover to March Futures and March Futures shall to April Futures on or around Expiry Day.
    • Rest Assured, for the WhatsApp Service we will send Rollover instructions as & when that is to be done…
  • This is complimentary cum value added Service at present for you, Chargeable only upon new Service Joining and/or on upon your next renewal.
    • With time we will update NIFTY BANKNIFTY FUTURES also in whichever way possible.
  • These Web Updated Trading Calls are actual trading calls generated by Pillars’ Strategy. Whereas in WhatsApp Service we are using Human intelligence, Human Gut Feeling.

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