Executions Just before Quarterly Results ‼

Following Stock Futures Trading Calls were advised just before they were due for their quarterly Results. This is not our over-confidence, aggressive risk taking reckless behavior and/or arrogance. Rather, confidence on Pillars’ Strategy data driven Call Selection, ability to execute Stop-Loss ruthlessly, (if at all any) and/or carefulness of intrinsic value analysis. SUNTV – BUY – […]

TATAMOTORS: ₹2,99,000/- Profit per lot ‼️

Season’s Greetings,

Sachin Tendulkar was never a successful Captain and scored ZERO in total 34 innings; but, proven to be a great and dependable Match Winner.

Likewise, we would never allow you to become Hogs of the Trading Market because neither Bull nor Bear get slaughtered. Trading in the range bound Markets make you the “Hogs” thereby hitting Stop-Loss both sides.

This article is about TATAMOTORS and it’s Trend, Support Level Reversal and Momentum.Read More »