Chart Analysis: JET AIRWAYS

Final Support for Bulls: 489 NSE Cash Levels, CMP 514

Selling levels for Bears: First wait for breaking below 489 then do Sell, same day at closing levels but after 3:15pm only

TGT 431 & 382

Lot Size: 900

Margin: 103000/-

Trade in MARCH expiry, follow cash levels

Stop loss will be updated in comment box, until then hold on to positions.

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Market Update 19 FEB 2016

Following Stocks are in Uptrend but their “BUY” according to our rules did not executed yet. Therefore, as of now they are in NO-TRADE ZONE and we are waiting for Execution.






But once their respective Fresh Buy gets executed properly, then that will be FRESH UP-TREND in each one of them.


Following Stocks, where Short Sell can get execute in near future to start Fresh Down Trend.




One should be extra careful in “ASIANPAINT” – CMP 843 NSE Cash Levels


NIFTY, BankNIFTY is in pull back mode. Sell on rise pattern. We are waiting for proper resistance to get appear before creating fresh Sell positions. Until then better to be on side-line then attempting heroism.

All other global indices (Nasdaq, DAX) are in Pull Back mode. Fresh Buying is not advisable.

However, DOWJONES and S&P500 are having different view. They may get to make fresh lows below recent low made by them 15503 & 1810 respecitve but that will be for “BUYING”.

Keep eye on this space for more updates.


Our “actual focus” is on Following Stocks.

We will trigger Fresh Sell in each one of them, as & when Time, volume confirms,






We expect minimum 10% & more fall from our sell execution levels as & when comes.