MAY 2017 Expiry

This post is all about Live Trading Calls given via WhatsApp to Paid Clients during MAY 2017 Expiry / Month.

From here, you get to know their respective entry (exit) price, time & date details. Check Comments.

We advise that one should not be doing either Over Trading or Under-Trading.

Therefore we wish to advice only for optimal trading capacity given market conditions, namely

a. Stock Futures 6 counters with 1 lot each at a time


b. Nifty &/or BankNifty 6 lots each at a time

All calls are given without any specific target or StopLoss only because we need to be flexible. Since Markets are dynamic and ultra sensitive therefore volatile. 

You need to follow Nifty “Trend” Stop-Loss also. However, it means that we have predefined exit points; in other words, we believe in on-Spot (direct) exit at cmp.

We do recognises that things can or will go wrong therefore we have game plan designed to protect you against all those unforeseen events.

Rest assured, we are watchful. All you have to check comment box below this post.

Please do visit regularly or remain active on WhatsApp during market hours.

Date Price Date Price
SL Particular Entry Exit Amount
1  LT  3 MAY 1730 9May  1750  10000
2 BEL 3 MAY 180 9 May 181.50 6750
3 M&MFIN 3 MAY  330 10 May 336 15000
4  ADANIPORTS 12 May 358 16 May  355  7500
 5 MRPL 16 May  133 17 May  136 13500
 6 DCBBANK 18 May 198  18 May  194 -18000
 7 JSWSTEEL 23 May  195 24 May  195  0
 ITC 24 May  298.5 14 Jun 302 -8400 
 ICICIBANK 25 May 315 13 Jun 316 -2500 

Special Points to ponder:

  • All fresh trading positions will  be given only after 3pm on any given trading day.
  • We prefer 1lot per counter trading positions. Avoid overtrading  vis-à-vis available capital.
  • Final Stop Loss would be Nifty Trend Reversal level, which is updated well in advance to paid client & valid from expiry to expiry.
  • Booked losses would be recovered first (if any). Then only you need to make next payment as renewal to continue as a paid client.
  • We prefer all to know what’s our official status of any given positions, either closed or running. That’s what updating comment box.

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