Trend Reversal Calls: FEW EXAMPLES…

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TRADING is high risk High Reward business. Losses are guaranteed whereas Profits are uncertain, variable and dependent on many “IFs’ and “BUTs”.

We have devised an entirely new concept of Market Analysis using all of the above and many other factors which help market move which is formally name as “Rocket Pillars’ Strategy”.

There are four main branches of Market analysis, namely

Sentimental cum behavioural Analysis

Fundamental Analysis

Technical Analysis

Astro Analysis

Pillars’ Strategy had combined all those and generated satisfactory Market Performance. And, from time to time we are keep improvising our Strategy by adding new filters to give near about 100% success rate. Difficult but Possible.

This article is all about those filtrations and refinements based on live calls given to Clients,

FIRST & FOREMOST: “AUROPHARMA” – Buy advised in Overall Down Trend

Entry taken in Mid-October after a sudden and deep fall from 638 levels

Rollover done from October to November by paying Negative Premium of 1.5pts.

Exit advised during first week of November with minor Profit of 14000 per lot basis.

4th November 2019 – Date of Exit – Made Intraday High of 507.50 but we got exit at day low of 478 levels. As, our Exit is only at closing bell levels. However, Clients can take Self Exit.

After our Exit, AUROPHARMA went on to make a new 52 week low at 389.35 NSE Cash.



Best Part: Advised buy in b/w and during our holding of 19 days we were never in losses.

SECOND: “COALINDIA” – Short Sell in Down Trend

Monopoly Business, Strong Promotor, High Dividend Yield Stocks, Nifty Large Cap Stocks, Well Researched and Tracked by all most all the major Institutional Analysts & Brokerages.

  • Motilal Oswal reiterates buy on Coal India, target price Rs 264 – 10 September 2019
  • CLSA retains buy on Coal India, target price Rs 270 – 14 November 2019
  • MoneyControl: Hold Coal India; target of Rs 225: ICICI Direct – 15 November 2019
  • Citi maintains buy rating on Coal India, target price of Rs 270 per share – 3 Dec 2019

Even then Irony is that, COALINDIA is One of the biggest Investors’ Wealth Destroyer and even now trading near our Exit levels whereas NIFTY Index is near all time high.

Best Part: We were never in Profit, after our Entry in COALINDIA , even closed above our given Stop Loss for “FOUR” days in a row but we still held the position because the Proprietary Selling Pattern was intact. Later the call gave us Profitable exit.

THIRD: “LT” – Buy taken in Down Trend

LT is combination of AUROPHARMA & COALINDIA as mentioned above – in a sense that BUY were advised in Down Trend and this is a kind of Stock which covered by all most all the analyst covering NIFTY Futures.

Even though has one of the largest free float among top 10 NSE Stocks, therefore got ability to Move Index it’s own; Still, trading weak whereas NIFTY is near all time high.

Best Part: Just like COALINDIA we were never in Profit but we exited at cost indicated by our Proprietary pattern. Post after exit LT fall back. 

FOURTH: “PIDILITIND” – Short Sell in Down Trend, THEN Reversal BUY, Trading at 1400 TGT

PIDILITIND was falling from 23rd September high – the very next day of Corporate Tax rate cut announcement.

Our Original Entry was for SHORT SELL but we reversed and become buyer at closing bell. Initially, we were in loss and remained at cost during most of our holding days. Unexpectedly, Slow Mover.

Did Rollover from November to December. Exited on December expiry in Profit. Rollover to December 2019 to January 2020 was also required but purposely we did not do.

Best Part: Captured the Bottom. Touched SL in Intraday basis. Respected Stop Loss.


1). Entry Exit is NSE Cash Prices Dependent. Entry Exit Time is pre-decided. Please do refer attached Screen Shots. All of above were given to paid clients in real time. We use only NSE Codes in all our communications.

2). We will update timely and proper Exit what may be the case.

3). Pillars’ Strategy improvisation is an on-going process. Rest assured, we are on track.

4). M&M, PEL and JSWSTEEL were other notable examples from which we learnt when not to take Entry and/or Exit. As, M&M & PEL moved in our intended direction but after our Exit and JSWSTEEL didn’t even till date.

5). COALINDIA Target details were taken from Google Search. Please check yourself.

6). Total Combined net Profit of above 4 Calls are (A-14000 + C-13000 + L-Zero + P-15000) INR42000/- near about per lot basis in Two and half month’s period.

At first glance, Profit figure looks unsatisfactory but it is not if one takes into account the prevailing Market Conditions into consideration.

Concluding Thoughts:

We are very hopeful to achieve 25,00,000 Profit target for 2020 Calendar Year solely based on above and upcoming filtrations & refinements, if at all any, in the overall frame work of the Pillars’ Strategy.

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