See, how Headlines play with your thoughts…

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First: Background of the attached images:

Above screen shots were sourced from Economic Times. Right one updated around 18:30 hours and left one at 20:15 hours on 27 October 2020.

But screen shots were taken last night.

Second: What the article writer wants to communicate ⁉️

Seems like, one wants to say no worries and continue trade / hold long positions. Be Bullish. Whereas, other one is saying don’t look for Buying at all.


Think for once, Whom you would give more importance.

Mind you this is not limited only to domestic media (including TV Channels) but from Dalal Street’s highly paid Analysts, anchors, reporters to Wall Street highly paid are doing the same thing. You just need to do few Google searches to find out so.

As, no one warns about Gamma Shark driven Nasdaq Melt-up seen during August September 2020 Period. Even though they always advises to BUY or HOLD or both at times.

Most importantly, they hardly tell their audiences about impending trouble. See Media Reports just before all the Market Crashes, Falls, Corrections etc.

All in all, what Media is updating worth nothing in your Stock Market Trading.

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