Nifty: Panic Rise from 10000 to 11000 levels was captured by our Rocket Pillars Strategy… (Part 1)

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Market’s Nature: Just like a our life moves from Day to Night and again to Day, in the same way a Traders’ life is also moves from Bullish Trading Positions to Bearish Sentiments and again back to Bullish situation. Cycle keeps on repeating without fail.

Rocket’s Nature: At the same time, NO Analyst can effort missing-on opportunities but it does not mean to over-shoot one’s trading limitations. Because, Survival in Market is more important then One day Wonder Hit. Trading is not a Lottery &/or Gambling.

And, That s exactly How Rocket Trades’ works for it’s Clients be Free Trial or the Paid Client.

Therefore, Patience for exact Trading Levels and timely action upon them is all what we required to be successful in derivatives. And this keep-on repeating day in day out and from one trading instruments to another.Read More »

GRASIM: “BUY” Performed even in Down Market !

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On Monday, 10 September 2018, When Nifty was down more than 135pts (from high to low) our Proprietary Trading Strategy initiated BUY in Grasim with 15000 Risk per lot basis.

After Holding for 5 days especially when Nifty was down more than 200pts from our advised BUY levels but still booked 37500+ Profits Per lot Basis on Friday 19 September 2018.

This is the true Power of OAA (One Against All or Against All Odds) !

Entry Exit are always given at 3:10pm time. Screen Shots are attached for the reference.Read More »

NIFTY & GOLD: Scientific Approach to Profits of 182000 Per lot Basis in 20 working days !

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Trading Success requires perfect combination of “Possibilities, Ego, Risk and Trust”. And this works two way. Both Adviser (Rocket) & Client (You) needs to accept fully with 100% positive mind-set. If anything missing then NIFTY Pillars Strategy will not work.

For Example: Believing in Nifty March Target of 9970 was very difficult when trading near 10600 or believing in 10800 when Nifty closed below 10000 on 23rd March Friday. But, all these were part of “Possibilities, Ego, Risk, and Trust”.

This update would help in recalling the happenings of the last 20 – 25 days for both NSE & MCX; which will help you in bearing Market pressures (created by various noises around us) in much better way next time to do fearless trading.

Working Principle: Trading is ZeroSumGame – Your Profit is actually someone else Loss.

In other words, we need to wait for Other Market Participants to make mistake and in order to build – up sizeable trading account gains; exploit their committed mistake at the maximize extend possible. This also means, we should not commit any mistake during the said Process.

That’s why Patience and discipline is most important at Rocket Trades. And this is sole reason of taking early (precautionary) exits from Market.

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