SUNTV: 15 paisa converted in to 1,00,000+ Profit !!

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Stock Market Trading, especially derivatives works on four principles, every single time.

First: The only certainty is that there is no certainty.

Second, every decision, as a consequence, is a matter of weighing probabilities.

Third, despite uncertainty, we must decide and we must act.

And lastly, we need to judge decisions not only on the results but also on how we made them.

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Market Top – Is it that Simple?? (Part 1)

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Why only 5% traders end up making profits on their deployed capital ?

Simple Answer: because only those 5% people prefer Trend Trading – “Begining to End”.

Rest 95% gets bogged down in lure of making quick money especially explained and Marketed in percentage terms by vested Interests. For Example,

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