87% Return on Trading Capital in 48 Days…

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Stock Market Participation is always inherently risky whether its by way of IPOs, Mutual Funds, ULIP linked Insurance Policy, ELSS Tax Saving Scheme, Direct Investment in well diversified Portfolio (self or professionally managed) and/or trading in derivatives.

Only difference among all of them is nothing but net risk amount (preferably represented in terms of percentage terms vis-à-vis total available capital, absolutely).

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Pillars’ Strategy generated INR 169000/- Profit out of single Lots

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Trading Success requires perfect blend of Ego, Risk, Possibilities and Trust. Mind you this is rare combination. So, we works with PROBABILITIES to overcome from this rarity.

In this article, we are showcasing the same PROBABILITY concept in working.

Secondly, you would realize upon reading this write-up that none of our messages are in isolation rather interlinked and that to be well in advance, this is real analysis.

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Stock Market Trading (irrespective of Intraday, Positional, Cash, Futures) is all about Risk –

First) Risk of relying on a method which is only back-tested and does not come with guaranteed success; which, of course, could be self developed or “Outsourced”.

Second) Risk of Image, Goodwill, Self-Esteem – If Success (profit) comes then we starts formulating future plans or if (by chance) losses comes then blame games start off.

Third) Risk of Hard Earn Money – which of course no one can afford to lose.Read More »