₹1,70,000 Profit Converted into ₹57,000 Loss 😢😞

Executive Summary: NIFTY BANKNIFTY Futures Short Sell Entry was on Friday 3rd June 2022 @ 16780 June Futures, by Friday 17th June 2022 were in Profit of 1,70,000 (mind you – all in one lot of NIFTY & BANKNIFTY); only to convert into loss on Friday 29th July 2022.

This happened with us for the first time in Rocket Trades’ history of 6 Years that we thought we know all the answers but Market forcefully has changed the Subject itself. Result – Failed Miserably. 😢

We were prepared for Trend but NIFTY50 gave us Range.

Herewith attached the records, please see and help us understand where possibly we went wrong.

Pre-Entry Updates:

We want to clarify once again through these records that we are neither permanent Bull 🐂 nor permanent Bear 🐻. We simply follow the Market Trend by Avoiding Range Trading.

There is no logical explanation for this, Except that what we are and what we do.

Sometimes We may show arrogance, over-confidence, humbleness, flexibility but when it comes to Trading we strictly follow only Pillars’ Strategy and its levels’ and ruthless execution without caring for the end results. In one word follow Discipline, which will always save us from market volatility.

Entry, Exit and in-between:

BANKNIFTY has troubled us a lot. Especially during our Short Sell Holding period, SBIN acted as Strong Wall for the Bears. Because of that, NIFTY50 has shown V shaped recovery from 15183 levels.

Most Importantly, forget the consolidation for few Days, Market has not even spent few hours both at Top & bottom. Market just touched 16780 and came down immediately, likewise, touched 15183 and started recovering. And, that made Permanent Bulls or Bear’s Day.

People like us just remained spectator (rather loser) during this time.

All in all, we need to train ourselves enough to believe in nonsense (I mean volatility) and remain stick to it despite all evidence to the contrary. No Option. No Escape.

Bitcoin, KOSPI, Stock Futures, and News:

We were equally focusing on Global Indices like Bitcoin, Ethereum, NSE Stocks Futures which were either at bottom or were Possible BUY. But since we can not do crypto and NIFTY50 view was bearish, so we preferred to wait for Stock Futures which turned out to be judgemental mistake.

They all performed very-well, but we missed. Bad – Luck. 😞

Anyways, what happened has happened. And now We are waiting for next opportunity, which could be a Short Sell Trade most probably.

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4 Trading Strategies…

But, none of them are useful without the involvement of Capital, Time, Discipline and Trust.

Before we getting in to the specifics of each Strategies we must clear few thinking points, assumptions, Rules and Facts so that chances of misunderstanding, confusion, doubts can be minimized.

Thinking Points…

  • Stock Market Trading (Investments) need Consistent Working. Randomness must be kept out of Your Portfolio / account. For example, whether NIFTY50 Lost 5000pts in 30 days during March 2020 or Tripled from last Bottom of 7511 in 18 Months. You should continue to Invest / Trade.
  • Even after best of your efforts Results does not come as expected. That does not mean You are wrong or Stock Market is not meant for YOU. It just means that YOU need to give some more time to tree to bear fruits for you.
  • Stock Market Trading (Investments) are not for Over-Night Results. Your Entry Price will decide how long your need to be patient with your Investments.
  • You must decide upon the Rules of the Game, and stick to them irrespective of anything and Everything; No Subjectivity, whatsoever.


  • Invest only in Mega – Corporations. Businesses which has Self-Standing, Long History of proven track records and notable achievements during averse conditions. In Simple words Top TEN Stocks of NIFTY50 / SENSEX ranked by Market Capitalisation.
  • You need to decide about Daily and Annual Investment Limits for Each Stock and Stick to that. Just Like one does in case of “SIP”.
  • Only Cash Market Buying, preferably in NSE. For Long Term Holding in Demat accounts.
  • No Short Selling in Futures. Secondly, Intraday / Options are ruled out too.
  • Profit Booking is subjective. Your Call.
  • Dividends, Rights’ Issues are not counted and/or calculated in our Total Returns.


  • We have taken Market Data and Records from the preceding 365 Days. That is from 2nd July 2021 To 1st July 2022. During this Period – Total working Days were 249.
  • NIFTY50 was at 15722.20 on 2nd July 2021 and Yesterday NIFTY50 Closed at 15752.05 – which is More or Less Flat price action in the same 249 Days.

We are assuming that You will follow Discipline and would trust Market blind-folded.

Strategy – Theory

We should minimize the Market Risk as much as Possible. Therefore we are proudly presently Four Strategies before You so that You should not be the One who is Bringing Prosperity to the Trading Industry.

SIP Twist…

Twist is You aren’t paying anyone to manage Your Funds. Even then Results are much better then what one gets from Mutual Funds. Remember they charge you a Professional Fee.

Here is an example, same you can replicate for others.

ASIANPAINT – Dividend History for June 2021 To June 2022

  • 9 June 2022 – (₹) 15.50 Per Share
  • 28 October 2021 – (₹) 3.65 Per Share
  • 10 June 2021 – (₹) 14.50 Per Share


RELIANCE, ONGC were giving positive Returns Till 30 June 2022 – but severe fall seen on Friday 1st July 2022 they both are now giving negative results. Which means, one day is enough to change the entire calculation.

Best Possible Returns – Tax saving Bonds, Real Estate, Fixed Deposits, Gold.

NIFTY ETF is also a good Option but Two Problems. Namely, Dividend & Liquidity.

You have to assume that in Long Run Equity Prices would only appreciate – 2000, 2008, 2020.

Strategy – Practical.

  • Strategy One – BUYING Every Day at Closing Prices – 1 Share or 1000 Shares as the case may be.
  • Strategy Two – Buying only on Negative Days – no Buying on Positive Days, hold the Funds only to Buy in Lump Sum on Negative Days.
  • Strategy Three – Pyramid Buying on Negative Days – hold the funds on Positive Days.
  • Strategy Four – Invest in Lump Sum at NIFTY50 Bottom Levels identified by Pillars’ Strategy.

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Burning Questions: Which you always wanted to ask but somehow didn’t…

One To One Discussion about Past, Present and Future.

You should listen attached Audio patiently (with a calm mind, ofcourse) because this is what Stock Market Trading is all about.

All based on actual facts. Nothing artificial. 💯% truth.

Idea is to share our thoughts, working philosophy, future plan of actions and most importantly, justification about past actions of ours.

Burning Questions about ICICIGI, TORNTPHARM, and Market RISK verses Rewards.

Uninterrupted and Unintended last evening (2nd March 2022) recording.

51 Minutes’ Recording with the Friend of a Client.

Identity has not been revealed.

Language: Hindi

We always welcome such difficult questions, doubts because those help us to improvise our working for better future.

Feel Free To Ask. 🙂🙏

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