Market Round Up for week ending 20 November 2016

General Observations:

USA Presidential Election outcome was unexpected.

More ever, Market reactions was even more surprising, if one tracks only Media news.

Because, none of the global media houses & investment bankers were positive on Market, if provided Trump wins. But, sadly everyone was proven wrong.

We all witnessed, how Dow Futures’ did stage initial 800pts fall to gain of near about 800pts to current closings vis-a-vis Tuesday 8 November closing.

Most importantly, in India, Modi government is taking bold decisions every now & then. If this continues like this then surely we are on the path of “mother of all Bull markets”.

In other words, GST coupled with fresh rounds of Bold (economical) decisions will surely achieve 9200 (first) TGT before March 2017; however, subject to unforeseen events.


Global Observations:

~ DOWJONES: Remains in BUY Conditions for TGT 19100 as long as holding above 18770 levels, last closing at 18847 on Friday. If patterns remains what it is now & prices give closing above 19100 then we can see COPPER style break out upside for Dow Jones.

~ CBOE VIX: NO CLEAR BUY (Bearish for USA Equity) OR SHORT SELL (Bullish for USA Equity). Gives early indication for abnormal and impending price movements.

~ RUSSEL 2000: Remains Bullish but fresh buy is below 1240 only, last closing 1282 on Friday. Tracking Russel for boarder market indication.

~ HANGSENG: No clear Pattern. However, 22000 remains strong Support. Last closing 22531. Leading Index for Asian Trading hours.

NSE Trading Observations for 15 Nov 2016:

~ NIFTY & BANKNIFTY both are in buy conditions for Tuesday. Expect flat to positive opening. Safe buy around 8240 & 19600 November Future levels, respectively.

~ Following Stocks are in Break Down mode, Even though Indices are in clear BUY


~ Likewise, following stocks are in clear BUY conditions,


MCX Trading Observations for 15 Nov 2016:

~ GOLD: Highly Oversold, No Trading unless starts trading above 29850, Last closing 29396 Dec Contract; COMEX 1200 levels is expected to hold-on in all conditions.

~ SILVER: Keep eye on 42500, Last closing 42194 Dec Contract. Above 42500 is clear BUY with 41100 SL, TGT 43900+

~ CRUDE: Clear Avoid at current levels, Either BUY around 2890 or above 3020; last closing 2953 November Contract.

~ NG: No clear pattern, either side it can move based on impending News flow.

~ COPPER: Remains in Clear BUY but around 460 levels only; Last closing 474.65 on Friday

*Special Mention: Unscheduled news, events, announcements etc does not reflect on price charts, therefore beyond our analysis.

In that case, we need to take quick & drastic decisions in real time to adjust positions accordingly.

Therefore better to keep suggested capital free and at the same time willingness to deploy whenever required.

You are requested to take reconfirmation during market hours before acting on above analysis.

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