Things are still under control. No reason to lose heart and get disappointed.

However, this post is only for records because we mustn’t forget our past blunders.

First & foremost important lesson learnt is that:  follow Stop loss and give all trades to clients irrespective of prevailing market conditions or media news flow.

Here comes the background in support of above lesson.

October 2016:

  1. Diwali Gift call was not given to paid clients. We did not had enough courage to take further more risk in clients account because that time (already) they were running in near about 230pts loss on 2lots positions.
  2. Whole month, we were holding only 50% NIFTY long positions and could not advise furthermore. Surgical Strike, Tata Feud and in between Holidays with tight-ranged price movements in Nifty made our entry exit decisions even more difficult to take.
  3. All in all October expiry passed through in decision paralysis & confusion stage.


November 2016:

  1. We started November expiry on optimistic note and gave BankNIFTY buy positions but sadly Market was in no mode to go high, rather started coming down immediately after Diwali Muhurat trading session, which was held on 30th OCT 2016.
  2. Then came announcement of “Demonetisation”; Donald Trump surprise election win.
  3. On 9 November 2016, we had clear buy levels at 8250 with 50pts Risk for 350pts Profit TGT on BTST basis but sadly we could not do the same. Readers are requested to check their WhatsApp chat history for more details on above trade.
  4. Then on 11 November 2016, we made our biggest trading blatant til date when decided not to exit from NIFTY buy positions, even when our SL got hit decisively.
  5. Same mistake was repeated in another Stock Future positions (CADILAHC).


29 Sept BTST NIFTY 2 8760 8620 27 Oct -21000
29 Sept BTST BANKNIFTY 2 19470 19400 30 Sep -2000
17 Oct BTST NIFTY 2 8525 8635 18 Oct 16500 *DIWALI GIFT
27 Oct BTST BANKNIFTY 2 19600 19400 07 Nov -16000
02 Nov BTST NIFTY 2 8540 8545 07 Nov 0
11 Nov BTST NIFTY 2 8425 7965 24 Nov -69000
17 Nov BTST BANKNIFTY 1 19140 18990 18 Nov -6000
21 Nov BTST BANKNIFTY 1 18540 18490 21 Nov -2000
22 Nov BTST NIFTY 2 8060  OPEN
24 Nov STBT NIFTY 2 8045  OPEN
 Total         -99500

Positive things are:

  1. Our Entry level with direction and Stop Loss is clearly defined. We just need to stick with them. If, we had done so there could not be a single penny loss neither in OCTOBER nor in November expiry in any of our advisory segments.
  2. We are 100% genuine and transparent in our working. Otherwise we could not have accepted so much losses and mentioned the same on blog too.
  3. Agreed that we are down currently but not out. Because, One proper entry exit in Nifty (indices) segment will change above equation 360 degree (up-side down) and of course, in our favour.


Most importantly, we had to go through from so many unexpected, unscheduled news during OCT, NOV Expires that certainly had hampered our working, analysis.

Now, we need to forget past and look for future.

Therefore, now we are starting December 2016 Expiry with positive mind-set and vow not to repeat above mistake again. Hopefully, by end we are back in black again.

Soliciting your support !