Corrections are Painful but assuming them as Market Top is wrong Trading Approach, in any case.

Wishing You Happy Republic Day !

Nifty Trending Upward and Stocks are falling worried everyone Including us at ROCKET.

However, above process is kind of price fluctuation which strengthen Market Internals for more sustained upside. And as everyone is aware that Bull Market corrections are always sudden in nature, deep enough to create panic which finally creates stampede among weaker hands to exit from Market Trending Positions.

For Example: Nifty had seen more than 7 (small & big) price Corrections starting from December 2016 till date only to bounce back to make fresh life time high.

People exited on corrections had only entered at higher, much higher levels. Remember that ‘The bears are always early’—but they’re not always right.

Rest assured YOU would be having Short Sell Positions whenever Nifty starting it’s Down Trend. Needless to say, my tongue is firmly planted in my cheek when I say all of this.Read More »

Market round-up for week ending 18 DEC 2016

General Observation:

After demonetisation, Government and RBI is still optimistic about GDP growth forecasts whereas all other global & domestic economics who are on payroll of various private corporations are in view of 1.5% lesser growth going forward from current levels of 8%.

However, we feel demonetisation was a important step towards implementation of flawless GST, therefore reduction in net Tax rates going forward into 2017-18 FY & beyond.

Control on Fake currency, funding for crimes including terror, drugs, riots, political bandhs & voters’ bribery are other added advantages of this demonetisation exercise.

All these benefits would be short lived if Government fails to carry out follow-ups.

Tax compliance is key to success in globalised economy. However, unaccounted cash was accumulated over time because of various inefficiency exploited in form of Govt sourcing norms without transparency (lack of checks & balances) plus Taxation policies of past.Read More »