Corrections are Painful but assuming them as Market Top is wrong Trading Approach, in any case.

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Nifty Trending Upward and Stocks are falling worried everyone Including us at ROCKET.

However, above process is kind of price fluctuation which strengthen Market Internals for more sustained upside. And as everyone is aware that Bull Market corrections are always sudden in nature, deep enough to create panic which finally creates stampede among weaker hands to exit from Market Trending Positions.

For Example: Nifty had seen more than 7 (small & big) price Corrections starting from December 2016 till date only to bounce back to make fresh life time high.

People exited on corrections had only entered at higher, much higher levels. Remember that ‘The bears are always early’—but they’re not always right.

Rest assured YOU would be having Short Sell Positions whenever Nifty starting it’s Down Trend. Needless to say, my tongue is firmly planted in my cheek when I say all of this.

YOU can refer Our Diwali 2018 Target for NIFTY at following URL:

However, Question is from which Level Nifty will start it’s pending Down Trend & WHEN. Until that doesn’t happen, be willing to buy at every Correction without getting burn in Process. And, lastly, Mid & Small-Cap Stocks had never made Market Top and they can’t do so in Future also.

Now, You decide what is more important Market Trend or Price Fluctuations.


What we did in January 2018 Expiry and How, under all uncertain environment.

Here are the Facts,

FIRST –  Started thinking for 11000 on 23rd December 2017 with Specific level & Date Details


SECOND: Who was thinking for GOLD 30000 when Prices were only at 29000 levels


THIRD: Who was thinking for RUPEE Depreciation on 10 January, which could have been the Sole Reason of 16 January Mid & Small-Cap (across the board) Price Correction. 


FOURTH: Started thinking for 11700 or 9700; Communicated the same well in advance, too.


FIFTH: Even at 10637 Nifty Spot Index level also, we had sent Re-assuring message !


How & What we would be doing in up-coming February Expiry.

Stock Futures – “BUY” Open Positions for February 2018 Contract / Expiry:


All Positions are Open with their respective Stop-Losses (NSE cash prices on closing basis)

~ Trade One lot per Script and in Futures only – No Over &/or Under Trading Whatsoever !

~ Trade at-least in 3 Positions at a Time – to Maintain diversity, to mitigate sector Specific risk

~ Call selection is based on Nifty, For Example: Bullish Nifty means only buy in Stock Futures

~ Giving all levels (SL & TGT) at Original Entry Time, itself. Follow given Stop-Loss without fail.


Finally, The Crux of Trading with Closing Remarks !

Til date, the best Justifications / explanation offered by the Bears for the Market fall is nothing but Expensive Valuations. But, remember Valuation is a subjective concept and by definition Stock Market is always expensive, without fail. For any doubt, Recall History.

Nifty started January Expiry from 10478 and Ended at 11070 levels. Both were and are life time high during their time of existence, respectively. In other words, the Traders, who were finding 10478 as expensive, then what they would say now at 11070 levels…

And imagine what would be their thoughts when Nifty February surpasses 11500, 11700 or even possibly 12000. Because according to our Proprietary Strategy (Nifty Pillars), even at current levels, is not suggesting any kind of Short Selling.

Mind You, every single Day during January expiry was record setting day for front line Indices.

It is no bad that we shouldn’t remember earlier bad experiences like Crash of 2008 but people hoping for repeating of the same without any reason is of no use.

Anyway, Nifty Pillars gives Indications well ahead of others as shown during January Expiry.


Closing my write-up by wishing you to keep Booking Profits by Trading Safely !

Thanks for Reading.

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