Eventful 15 Days, Full of Panic & Greed !

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Last article, written on 26 Jan 2018 was about Correction & Market Top.

That article is very Important to mention here, just because I had mentioned the following to YOU. First Read, what I said there,

Rest assured YOU would be having Short Sell Positions whenever Nifty starting it’s Down Trend. Needless to say, my tongue is firmly planted in my cheek when I say all of this.

YOU can access the same from following URL: https://goo.gl/be2oHe


And, Finally, What was delivered ?

Here are the Screen Shots…


All were focused on Domestic Events (Budget, RBI Meet) & issues and Mind You, None of the Domestic  impacted our Markets negatively, rather supported positively but in different manner & overall environment.

Rather, International Events were solely responsible for generating the Two Gap Downs which we experienced on Tuesday & Friday, respectively in NSE / BSE.

For Example – This week, alone, DOWJONES had given 22000+ Points Movement, counting all the Intraday swings, back & forth. Comparatively NIFTY was less volatile.


Rocket does everything to over deliver ! That’s what we did in last 15 eventful days, too.


Closing my write-up by wishing you to keep Booking Profits by Trading Safely !

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