SUNTV: 15 paisa converted in to 1,00,000+ Profit !!

Greetings !!

Stock Market Trading, especially derivatives works on four principles, every single time.

First: The only certainty is that there is no certainty.

Second, every decision, as a consequence, is a matter of weighing probabilities.

Third, despite uncertainty, we must decide and we must act.

And lastly, we need to judge decisions not only on the results but also on how we made them.

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Greetings !!

At market tops – Every One is a “Genius”. So, at market bottoms – Every One is a “Genius”.

That is why it is difficult to say who is successful because of LUCK and who is because of Skill.

We have three live Examples to present before you to consider our Luck or SKILL.

We advised BUY at that time & level when majority of Traders, Analysts were looking something else.

SBIN – BUY advised when BANKNIFTY Index made bottom at 17278.90 on 22 May 2020

NAUKRI – BUY advised at 2730 when all time high was 3130, now made fresh ATH @ 3584.40

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