SUNTV: 15 paisa converted in to 1,00,000+ Profit !!

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Stock Market Trading, especially derivatives works on four principles, every single time.

First: The only certainty is that there is no certainty.

Second, every decision, as a consequence, is a matter of weighing probabilities.

Third, despite uncertainty, we must decide and we must act.

And lastly, we need to judge decisions not only on the results but also on how we made them.

AND, all these principles had worked, stage by stage in the case of SUNTV Call.

Our Stop Loss for SUNTV was 400 Below cash Closing basis, and Closed at 400.15 NSE Cash on Friday, 14 August. Every Client was getting Entry at & below 406 and Exit at & above 473 levels.

Confusion is not warranted, if at all any, by word “PAPER TRADE”:

Because, we strictly maintain two different approaches and formats to differentiate between the calls which are to be traded and those which must be watched only.

There are four main criteria of Paper Trades

a). Market Wide Open Positions Limit exceeding beyond 50%

b). Required 3,50,000 and more as Span Margin per lot basis

c). And, for Paper Trades, we don’t provide daily follow-ups at 8:55am and 3:10pm

d). We mentioned very specifically “PAPER TRADE‼️” instead of Instrument’s code name.

You can see the same in our working by visiting the following URL

Most Importantly, Paper Trades are in no way inferior to other Select Calls.

We assume full responsibility of Each and Every Call given to client/s.

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We are Strictly a Research House armed with proprietary methods and workings.

Secondly, neither promising unrealistic assured investment return nor monthly income.