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We aren’t running advisory services in a virtual world.

Our working depends on many variables and moving Parts.

Which means, If one variable changes then final result is affected.

Below are four live examples to understand the more in details about the same.

ENTRY Messages:

Closing Comments about EXIT for all of three:

~ JINDALSTEL – Immediately gave 50000+ Profit in just “FIVE” days holding.

~ ADANIENT – Immediately gave 52000+ Profit in just “THREE” days holding.

~ NCC – after our advise went up to 34.95 but never closed above given SL and constantly was in the loss during holding period.

However, Just before FnO Exclusions during July Expiry gave us cost to cost “EXIT”.

Now comes our biggest blunder of the Calendar Year 2020 and that is nothing but BHEL”…

In less than 8 working hours, we had to book loss of around 82000/- per lot basis.

Best part: less than 15% Clients had traded in BHEL Short Sell Trade. Majority of Clients didn’t.

Because, we had ICICIBANK Short Sell and NAUKRI Buy as Open, which utilized more than 4lac plus Capital. BHEL was third call in the row.

Later, we concluded that Margin Money (both span & mtm) and FnO Ban is the biggest drag of our non-performance in BHEL.

AND, precisely, that is why we advised both JINDALSTEL & ADANIENT, which were executed after BHEL, as out and out paper trade.

However, some Clients recovered their BHEL losses by trading in JINDALSTEL & ADANIENT. Though, we recommended them to do the otherwise.

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