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Entry without Stop-Loss is equivalent to Financial Suicide.

Exit before hitting Stop-loss is equivalent to Financial Suicide.

And, like rest, we too want to live longer, healthier, wealthier; but no negotiations is acceptable on character because that is the most important thing for us, among all.

Below are three examples which will help you understanding about our Trading Character.

ICICIBANK: didn’t hit Stop-loss even NIFTY moved more than 1000pts during the period.

Majority of the Clients exited at cost and for rest of the Clients it was with minor losses.

IGL: Loss booked around 22,000/- per lot basis; after our Exit never closed back above 400

BHARATFORG: Same day closed, and then behave exactly the way DIVISLAB Short Sell did.

Closing Comments:

We had to face losses in all three Calls, though quantum differs.

However, we are happy to go by patience, discipline because that gives us peace of Mind.

News, Events, Results, Rumors will keep on happening but don’t dare to cross red line called STOP-LOSS. Because, there is always a trade off between,


Market moves on Momentum and Sentiment. And, not on fundamentals or statistical regressions of the past.

“When the narrative changes, I change my mind. What do you do, Sir?”

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