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We thought for Trending February (either side) given Interim Budget, RBI Meeting were due during first week of Month itself and especially after flat January Expiry.

But, February turns out no better than January. Net Closing Difference is only 38.45 Points.

NIFTY Spot Closing on 31st January 2019 was 10830.95 & Closing of 28 February 10792.50

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Nifty Spot Index started January Expiry from 10779.80 levels and Ended at 10830.95 – Net Difference: 51.15pts with High Point being at 10961.85 and low was at 10583.65

Total Trading Range was (H-L) 378.20 only – Quite Manageable irrespective of one’s sentiments were Bullish or Bearish. Both, got multiple Entry Exits during the Expiry.

Recall how much Panic was being inflicted by vested Interests with Data Bombarding, SGX Price Volatility, Opinions shared in Media, Forums about Market Fundamentals & Technical Set-Up in the minds of Traders during the course of the Expiry.

Rocket Specialisations: Pillars’ Strategy captures only Trending Movements, during range bound price actions we prefer to stand-still, irrespective of news-flow &/or events (Results, Budget, Elections, RBI Meet, etc) are lined-up during the said period.

Trade Limited with Clear Entry Exit Level is the simple working motto at Rocket Trades.

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Market does not move only on Publicised Event !

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Market Participates get wobbly (panic) whenever Nifty approaches much publicised events like General Budget, Elections – General & Assembly &/or Global Events like we are going to see during March 2019 related to Trump Trade War & BREXIT or we already did see on previous occasions like IRAN Sanctions’ (Even people started talking about World War – III) impact on Crude, Gold.

Now answer yourself, what happened after each of above events – Practically NOTHING.

Because, Nifty Bulls has not gone anywhere, even after all disappointments & unexpected outcome from one & all events (BJP losing all States gone to Poll during 2019 & RBI Governor’s shocked Resignation).Read More »