DIVISLAB – Precise Entry, Perfect Exit !!

Greetings !!


Stock Market Trading is way to risky proposition so can’t compromise on Entry and Exit.

Therefore, we act in a very disciplined way with Open mind & heart.

DIVISLAB is one of the those examples where you can see our practice working.

Here are 2 Trades of DIVISLAB – May BUY @ 2230 and August SHORT SELL @ 2790


ENTRY Messages:


EXIT Messages:


Closing Comments:

AS, you can see our August SHORT SELL trade didn’t give profit. But here is more to know,

~ In morning session, DIVISLAB August Futures first made Day high at 2791.90 in 9:45 bar

~ Then, went on to make Day Low at 2726.05, thereby giving us intraday profit of 25000/- per lot basis. However, by closing, we were back at Entry. Therefore, missed intraday profits.

This all happened on Friday, and on Monday (10 August) DIVISLAB opened in 10% Upper Circuit and went on to make Intraday high of 3228.90; potential loss of 1,76,000 per lot.

Exit was advised on 7 August at 3:10pm itself and saved our clients from lot of troubles.



Thanks for Reading.

Team Rocket



Get in touch with us at,

~ WhatsApp: +91 99003 30558

~ E-Mail ID: Rocket@RocketTrades.com

For more details, doubt, feedback; Speak with Nilesh Jain on 99003 30558

We’re Strictly a Research House armed with proprietary methods & workings.

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