MARCH 2020: Before and thereafter…

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NIFTY50 fell 4500pts in 20 working days, was it normal ?

As you know Index was trading near about 12000 levels on 24th February 2020 and exactly a month later (i.e. on 23rd March) NIFTY50 was at 7500 levels.

Anyways, Reaction (or emotional feelings) to that depends entirely upon one factor and that is in which category one falls in, for example,

Suppose, you were NET Short Seller during this then – WOW, AWESOME, UNBELIEVABLE

But, IF you were NET Long during this fall then your emotions will be – Anger, quitting (giving up), loss of self-esteem and self-confidence, stress and depression.

DEPRESSION: because Markets are Speculative, manipulative and Retail Traders like you don’t stand a chance; this feeling comes immediately after losses.

Same is valid if you have not traded anything during the period.


Rocket Trades was in between ie (long and short), had INFY Short Sell but long in HDFCBANK.

And, missed Short Sell Entry in HCLTECH by 2.5pts (Our Short Sell was at 616 March Futures whereas it made high of 613.50), and then as they say “rest is history”…



Please do refer attached URL for detailed information of April Working,

MAY 2020: had only one Fresh Call – DIVISLAB BUY, generated ₹54,000+ Profit Per lot basis

JUNE 2020: Booked Profits in SBIN BUY and Closed NAUKRI Short Sell in Profit. Third Call of the Month – ICICIBANK Short Sell is officially open for Clients.

In between, BHARTIARTL BUY achieved 600+ Target is less 5 working days, but missed.

Survived March Crash. Reviving and Growing with flying Colours:

Summary of 10 Stock Futures’ Calls are mentioned below: February – till date

First: HDFCBANK Loss

Second: HCLTECH – ₹1,00,000 Profit Missed

Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, – All were Profitable and generated ₹2,39,500/- Profit per lot

Seventh: BHARTIARTL – ₹65,000+ Per lot basis Profit Missed

Eighth, Ninth – both were Profitable and generated ₹70,000/- Profit per lot

Tenth: running

Human error played it’s part otherwise we could have ended with 6,00,000/- plus profit in Five months on 5lac Capital, if above list is any indication.

Anyways, we will try to do our best in upcoming months.


During the Period we did not get any Trade Entry.

Though mentioned each of NIFTY50’s major turning points but couldn’t advise any trade simply because Market did not spend enough time at Pillars’ Strategy Entry levels.


“Brave New World” and “Be Careful of Herd Mentality”:

Likewise, Nil advise for Gold, Silver, Crude either in BUY or Short Selling. And as you aware that long back we stopped tracking Copper, Zinc, Lead, Natural Gas, etc.

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