Review: Improvising Future by learning from the Past

Greetings !!


News, Events, Rumours make Market Dance. *(List is in the footnotes)

Therefore, Market Participants must be vigilant all the time, as what will happen when can’t be said, except you are THE Insider/s; which definitely, we are not.

However, with Pillars’ Strategy we did capitalized on almost all the News, Events, Rumours of last 13 months (i.e. April 2019 to May 2020) either by booking profits or by remaining 100% in Cash therefore avoiding losses especially during March 2020 – Shortest, Sharpest Bull to Bear Market transition seen till date.


Survival & Growth is only Approach at the core of Pillars Strategy:

We were able to capitalized, Survived because of our strong belief and practice of limited but quality trading Calls with discipline and Risk Management.


Details of January 2020 to May 2020 is under “STOCK FUTURES” tab on home page and below is compiled performance of 2019.

FIRST LEARNING: No issues if You are ignoring Our Market Comments, Opinion, Views but real problem starts when one prefer to avoid our “SELECT CALL” advise with clearly mentioned Stop-Loss.


There are only three ways to Book Profits,

First). Buy Cheap Sell COSTLY

2nd). Buy Costly Sell Expensive

Third). Sell Cheap Buy Dirt Cheap

And, We cannot hold ourselves back if we get any opportunity of above three. And, you as a “TRADER” should emulate the same.

That time instead of trading, if you are worried about Market Conditions, Span Margin, Lot Size, Stop-loss, and/or counter Advise from Free sources (like TV, Forums, Twitter, etc) then you are wasting your precious resources on us therefore we at Rocket Trades apologize to you for the same. Because, what Else we can do ?

Disclaimer, Disclosure: Even Rocket Clients are in Losses.


We had categorized them (clients who have capital losses) in three segments,

1st Category: Those who are practicing one or all below mentioned points,

1). Leaving Trading all together especially after NBCC, INFY, DLF, HDFCBANK losses

2). Didn’t believe in diversification (trading in multiple scripts, and/or Instruments)

3). Didn’t believe in Hedging (trading in multiple scripts but in counter trend for example

~ Trade ONE – Short Sell INFY and BUY NIFTY BankNifty (July to Sept 2019)

~ Trade TWO – Buy SBIN, Short Sell NAUKRI (May to June 2020)

4). Didn’t book losses even after official EXIT and then Took Self EXIT under panic situations.

5). Over Trading (excessive leverage) either in form of Options, multiple lots, following analysts who either didn’t respond timely and/or does not understand the concept of Stop-loss.

6). Taking Trading Exposures without enough Margin (capital).


SECOND LEARNING: those clients who didn’t do any of above are in net profit anywhere from ₹10,000 to ₹10,00,000/- after accounting for our fees, Brokerage, charges, expenses, taxes.

Congratulations to them 🎉🥇🎈🎊


2nd Category: there are certain unfortunate souls who some how trades only in loss making calls of Pillars’ Strategy and couldn’t do profitable calls because of personal problems / issues.

THIRD LEARNING: Please let us do the Call Selections and required Analysis thereof.


3rd Category: However, there are couple of clients who are in losses because of Shutdown seen during March April 2020 period. Mainly because their brokers didn’t support them and/or their capital got stuck.


What may be the reason/s but no one can deny the fact that they all had missed the profit what they rightfully deserved.

However, we are doing our best and continue providing services to all three categories of clients, even though their services are well over both Time & Profit wise.

AND, Not valid for those who did renew any time during 2020.

But, this can’t continue forever &/or life long especially if trading habits remains the same.

Most Importantly, like all other businesses, we do have our own set of Fixed and variable expenses, Equipment and Tools’ Cost to run the operations.

Please understand that Nothing gets generated out of thin air AND we don’t have magic wand.

Our discipline, time, efforts deserved to be compensated adequately.

Limits are to be respected, whatsoever.



Thanks for Reading.

Team Rocket

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We’re Strictly a Research House armed with proprietary methods & workings.




*From April 2019 To May 2020 ‼️

We had seen all (or may be nothing) in the last 13 Months, for example,


3 Union Budgets, and Numerous FM Press Conferences,

General Elections and Various States Elections,

Numerous Monetary Policy of RBI, FED

Numerous Quarterly (including 2 Annual) Results

Numerous revision in GDP, IIP, Inflation, Labour Data (changes in Base Years & calculations)

Deep Economic Jargon like Yield Curve, Slowdown, Recession, depression became household words.


Unexpected likes Corporate Tax Cut “AND” IL&FS, ADAG, YESBANK, DHFL etc going bust

Numerous Changes in FnO Segments (lot size, inclusions and Exclusions, Margin issues)

NIFTY seen both Bull Markets (12430) and Bear Markets (7511) in shortest time span.


Geopolitical Issues – PAK, China, and now Nepal (Surgical Strike, Border & Map Disputes)

International Issues – BREXIT, Trump Trade War, Hong Kong Protests, South China Sea, Pakistan’s internal Instability, Middle East Tussle (b/w Israel, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia)

World Crisis like Coronavirus and subsequent policy responses (lock-downs, bailouts, unlocking) of Governments across the World.