Unprecedented March – April 2020 !?

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Many things had happened during March – April 2020 Expiry (Month) which should be discussed, debated because they are going to be “THE” benchmark – Trend Setters for near to far future, therefore not to be forgotten. Few are listed below,

1). United Leadership across the board, Spectrum (Political, Judiciary, Executive, Media).

2). NYMEX CRUDE OIL April Futures traded, settled in negative rates, so is the MCX.

3). Back to back LOCK-DOWN across the Nation for such a long time.

4). Companies are Suspending Guidance (Quarterly, Annually).

5). Consistently, RELIANCE did it again – this time with “Facebook-Jio Deal”.

6). Work from Home becomes Socially accepted therefore approved by one & all.

DOWJONES, NIFTY50 fallen 40% in 2 Months, which didn’t happen even during 2008.

What Pillars’ Strategy did under this backdrop ?

We divided our working in two parts, Part One covers overall Market represented by NIFTY50 and second is all about Individual Stock Futures.

Part ONE).

Did nothing during March 2020 – Our last advised was INFY Short Sell at 799 levels on 24 February 2020 and then next advised was only JUBLFOOD Buy at 1330 on 13 April 2020 – for good 49 days we were sitting 💯% in Cash. Zero Positions. AND,

Today, NIFTY50 hit 9500 Resistance as updated 20 days back in our 9 April 2020 message.

Now, you must check our 24 March 2020 Message – Section “Possibility from hereon,

As evident from above Screen Shots you can very well understand that We believe only in Quality Levels & Updates, therefore able to get Select Call with better Entry. Furthermore,

Précised Exit is difficult but not impossible. As usual, Improvisation is underway.

JUBLFOOD, NESTLEIND gave us precise EXIT but KOTAKBANK didn’t give one.

Pillars’ Strategy is interlinked and sequential. Never in isolation, not random.

Part TWO).

Select Call advised at the very specific time & levels. Live Examples are,

~ JUBLFOOD: Net Result 99,000/- Positive per lot basis in 5 days (Monday to Monday)

~ KOTAKBANK: Net Result 44,000/- PROFIT per lot basis in 5 days (Thursday to Thursday)

~ NESTLEIND: Net Result 35,000/- Positive per lot basis in 5 days (Monday to Monday)

Pillars’ Strategy generated total 1,78,000/- Profit per lot basis from THREE Stock Futures’ Trades in two weeks (from 13 April to 27 April 2020) by using 4,50,000/- Span Margin.

We didn’t advised any other Trade other than JUBLFOOD, KOTAKBANK and NESTLEIND during entire March month and in April Expiry.

Conclusion: Past Performance is NO guarantee for future Performances.

However, we will continue to keep on trying with best of our intentions, caliber, capabilities to exceed your expectations every now and then.

Stock Market is a Zero-Sum game. Which means either YOU are a winner or Total loser whether YOU do Cash, Options, Futures. Therefore, not a suitable options for many.

We understand the risk involved here. That is why saying this again and again that there is only one way to mitigate this RISK and that is – LIQUIDITY (margin money) must be in ample supply. Especially on, “As and when required” basis.

Fund Shortages can’t be accepted. Consistency of Capital is the KEY, here.

Closing this write-up with Food For Thoughts:

According to an ET study based on Value Research data on products that have existed for over a decade, 174 out of the 241equity schemes have returned less than 8 per cent every year in this period, 42 have generated 8-10 per cent and 25 — the top performers — have given over 10 per cent returns annually.


👆 If this is the best a SIPs can do then WHY not we do just stick to “NIFTYETF” and investment in the lump-sum at each 20% fall from NIFTY50’s last recorded high point ⁉

For that you don’t need any Advisor, Fund Manager. So, Effective savings on the expenses like Mutual Fund Distributors’ commissions, AMC Management Fees, etc.

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