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We thought for Trending February (either side) given Interim Budget, RBI Meeting were due during first week of Month itself and especially after flat January Expiry.

But, February turns out no better than January. Net Closing Difference is only 38.45 Points.

NIFTY Spot Closing on 31st January 2019 was 10830.95 & Closing of 28 February 10792.50

But February would be another flat Month was unknown in the Starting. Anyway…

Rocket Specialisations: Pillars’ Strategy captures only Trending Movements, during range bound price actions we prefer to stand-still, irrespective of news-flow &/or events like, Corporate Results, Budget, Elections, RBI Meet, Geo-Political Tensions, etc.

Trade Limited with Clear Entry Exit Level is the simple working motto at Rocket Trades.

Below are the Records of Paid Clients’ broadcast which was being sent out to them on Official trading timings of 8:55am, 3:10pm, 11:40pm only.

NIFTY BUY: First PROFIT Booked for February Expiry

Trade was Open for Net Number of Days: 17 Working Days

Trading Range during Holding Period: Spot Index Low 10583.65 & High 11062.45

Net Result: Profit Exit, Official Amount INR 21750/- Per Lot BASIS, No BankNifty this time

ESCORTS SHORT SELL: First Stock Futures for February Expiry

Trade was Open for Net Number of Days: 4 Working Days

Trading Range during Holding Period: Cash High 686.55 & Cash Low 608.50

Net Result: Profit Exit, Official Amount INR 77000/- Clients figure would be different

Remarks: 31 Jan Corporate Result announced & After Our Entry RBI announced 25bps Cut

Before the above Entry, We had advised one more Entry Exit in ESCORTS, Please Refer before mentioned Screen Shots, NET Results is Zero. All Clients got Cost To Cost Exit.

IGL SHORT SELL: Second Stock Futures for February Expiry

Trade was Open for Net Number of Days: 11 Working Days

Trading Range during Holding Period: Cash Low 270.05 & Cash High 300.70

Net Result: Loss Exit, Official Amount INR 55000/- Clients figure would be different

Therefore, net booked Profit Loss for February Expiry for Stock Futures is only 22000 Per lot basis. Escorts Profit eaten away by IGL.

Rest of other Open Positions like – Nifty, BankNifty, COALINDIA, UBL, MCX (all Short Sell) and TATAMOTORS (Buy) rollover to March Expiry. Last Updated 1 March at Closing levels.


Disclaimers & Disclosures:

1). INDEX & STOCK FUTURES – all were Open at the same time. Because, Pillars Strategy Required minimum 4 Stock Futures Positions and Nifty BankNifty to maximise overall returns for Hedging, Averaging strategies, if required given Market conditions.

2). We suggest 1lot Each for Stock Futures Trading. Whereas, Nifty BankNifty lot size differs from client to client. However, we required minimum 1lot (75qty) and 2lots (40qty).

3). Entry Exits only over WhatsApp at Official Time. Be Alert at 8:55am & 3:10pm for NSE.

4). Price Volatility needs to be bear with: COALINDIA had closed above Official SL but Exit is not given, will advise Exit when Short Selling Support is no longer valid.

5). No Over Trading, No Intraday, NO Options: Only Positional Futures Trading Advisory.

6). Used Span Margin is around INR 5,80,000 (including all – Index & Stock Futures). This is Your deposit and would be released by Broker immediately upon closing of Positions.

We are more concerned with MTM – and that should be positive all the time !!

Thanks for Reading.

Team Rocket

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