Nifty expected to hit 13000 by June 2019 – LTP 11754

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Giving Unbelievable Targets and then achieving them is nothing new for Rocket Pillars strategy. Because, We did that in 2018, TWO Market TOPS & TWO BOTTOMS.

Below are the references,

~ Nifty Bottoms – 9970 in March 2018 & 10004 in October 2018

~ Nifty Tops – 10770 in February 2018 & 11700 in August 2018

Those were proven to be Market Tops & Bottoms for Nifty 2018, respectively.

And, All credit goes to Triple “S” and Clients’ Patience for waiting of Pattern formation & doing execution by ignoring all the prevailing noises, voices of “experts”.

Paid Clients’ WhatsApp Screen Shot is already updated on website, please refer below URLs

Similarly, we did for Stock Futures and Gold, Silver, Crude, Copper & Zinc during 2018.


Rocket Pillars Strategy’s has two core specialized approaches,

1st: Shock, Shocking and Shocked or Triple “S” – 3 Market Stages – Trend Reversal is only Upon Completions of all three stages. At Present Nifty is in Shocking Stage, (Shock completed during April), Shocked is expected to last till End of May & possibly to extend during June 2019, too.

2nd: One Against All or OAA– Valid only for Stock Futures and specifically used in finding Market bottoms. Earlier proven successful in cases of PFC, RECLTD, NCC, YESBANK, TATAMOTORS and now RELINFRA is on-going.

Likewise, proven successful in Market Tops cases like ESCORTS & KTKBANK, too.

Possibly next Market bottoms’ contenders are BANKBORADA If holds 120 NSE Cash levels, and NBCC if closes below 55 in specific conditions.

JETAIRWAYS also bottomed out but not given Official Entry, Waiting for 160 if comes at all.


Since, we don’t shift our Stop-Loss therefore We have to be very risk averse at the core. So, we advise Trading only when Odds are clearly in our favour.

Secondly, in no way we are against Intraday & Options’ Trading but only avoid them because they reduces our success evens.

Most Importantly, Please understand that Trading Levels are only deciding factor between a failed Money losing Trade & Money Making Successful Trade.

Pillars Strategy can generate Nifty 3000pts Profit Per Lot basis in 12 months’ Period. And, BankNifty 6000pts per lot Basis for a Trader/s, if 2018 performance is any indications.


Conclusion: In January 2019 itself, we had updated at the most prominent place on Rocket website that No major Downside till 13000+ and holding above 10500 Spot Index Closing basis. Which means if you want advance alerts & Updates for Market’s levels & impending direction in the most cost effective manner then Rocket Pillars is only the options.


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