Earlier Promised, Now Delivered… Nifty 10770 to 9970

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This article / blog post is last in Sequences started on 26 January 2018.

Before reading further, First time visitors are requested to read previous three Parts, to understand the context (background).

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First Part: written on 26 January 2018 – https://goo.gl/be2oHe

Second Part: written on 3 March 2018 – https://goo.gl/UhBJrf

Third Part: written on 10 March 2018 – https://goo.gl/NNmexp

Since, we are now done with background; it’s the time to proceed further with Nifty analysis.


Experienced Traders are well aware that Market always moves in four stages, namely,

1.) Original Trend (Target of 11000 as given during January 2018 from 10600 levels)

2.) Correction of Original Trend (Short Sell given on 2 February at 10770 & ended at 9970)

3). Pull-back of Correction. and finally

4). Starting of Fresh Trend

According to our Nifty pillar proprietary trading strategy market has completed its first two stages namely “Original Trend” and “Correction of Original Trend”.

Now, Nifty is expected to start Stage Three (that is) “Pull-back of Correction” which is expected to take Nifty til 10800 at the maximum, and that could start anytime during next week.

I would send all required details (including 3 kind of Stop-losses) with original entry message itself. Please do stick to given view unless & until new view / update is not been sent to you.

Paid Clients are requested to be alert at closing time on all working days to get Entry, Exit, Roll-Over message/s on WhatsApp, if any.


Few words about Conflicting / Confusing views among Analysts:  

At any given stage, Market will always have both Buyers & Sellers so that enough liquidity is maintained. And remember no one takes positions without having reasons to do so. In other words, Buyers will have their own set of reasons to initiate Long positions. So the Bears at any given levels. That’s how Trading takes place in real world.

No harm is following and / or respecting other analysts view as been circulated by them on various Social Media Platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Forums, etc) free of cost.

However, I find it irrational rather immature to justify / explain others view.

Since, you had paid to Rocket Trades that’s why You are requested to give utmost important to the Official view, which you will receive whenever I have (latest one) to share with you.

Rest Assured, Feel Free to Speak with Nilesh Jain for any Query even during Market Hours.

And, Of-course Free Trial Traders are Free to do as they like / prefer / wish or Chooses.

Lastly, SGX Nifty is follower of NIFTY Spot, not the vice versa. On any given day Nifty Opening at NSE will be confirmed only by Pre-Market trading levels.

Anyway, for Rocket Closing Price is all important.


Here is Screen Shot of Last Two Months (February Starting to March Ending 2018)

~ Left Image (is of 2 February) When given Short Sell in NIFTY at 10770 levels

~ Right Image (is of 23 March) when Nifty achieved given Target of 9970



Starting Point of Shock, Shocking, Shocked Stages and Confirmation of 9970 Target !



Examples of stable and consistent view Messages in between:



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