Pillars’ Strategy captures only the Trend !

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In last three months, we got three examples to justify the title of this Article.

All below 3 Examples highlighting the fact that,

1). Pillars’ Strategy “AVOID” any Trading Position in Range Bound Markets – NIFTY

2). Pillars’ Strategy can generate “BUY” even at all time High – BAJFINANCE

3). Pillars’ Strategy can generate “SHORT SELL” at Fresh 52wk High also – ADANIPOWER

All in all, we are neither biased nor third part dependent for Trading Calls / Views.

Example Number One – “AVOID”

MAY 2019: NIFTY SPOT INDEX – which got stuck in Trading Range of 700pts from last 4 Months therefore Entry Exit trading levels becomes irrelevant.

In spite of all the news flow, events, rumours, announcements, media shouting (breaking news), global market volatility, etc.

In other words, Nifty was unable to give clear Break Down or Break Out. Exit from Trapped Position is easy to come by.

Example Number Two – “BUY”

JUNE 2019: BAJFINANCE – Buy got executed just near that time’s prevailing all time High and even then gave Profit of around 55000 per lot basis.

Previous all time High 3564 Made on 11 June,

Pillars’ BUY got Executed at 3465 levels on 18 June 2019

Exit was advised on 28 June when made Fresh all time High at 3693 levels.

Difference Calculation: Lots’ Size 250 * 220pts = 55000 Profit in 10 Calender’s Days.

Example Number Three – “SHORT SELL”

JULY 2019: ADNAIPOWER – Short Sell got executed just around 52wk High of 68.75 levels. Only HNI Clients can Trade in ADANIPOWER because of high Margin Requirements and Risk Involved. For rest of other Clients this is just a Paper Trade.

You got Capital, Patience and willingness to Trade and we got the Working Methodology.

Attached below are Screen Shots of Paying Clients’ Broadcast for Verification, if at all any.

Please Note: We are not giving Intraday Futures, Options and Cash Equity. Our Focus area is Positional Futures only. With Specific working Procedure for example,

NSE Stock Futures Entry Confirmation Time 8:55am, likewise Exit Time 3:10pm, only.

However, Market commentary message can come any time.

We are servicing paying Clients & free Trial Traders only via Phone / WhatsApp Number 09900330558 handle by Mr. Nilesh Jain. No Other Person from Rocket Trades is authorised to speak with Clients.

Website: “rockettips” is no way related, associated with to us in any form.

We do advise for NIFTYETF managed by SBI – NSE Code SETFNIF50 on selected time & levels as indicated by Pillars’ Strategy.

We have no direct or Indirect tie-up to promote SBI Managed NIFTYETF. Doing only because this is largest Asset Under Management Scheme at present therefore liquid.

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