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Stock Market Trading (irrespective of Intraday, Positional, Cash, Futures) is all about Risk –

First) Risk of relying on a method which is only back-tested and does not come with guaranteed success; which, of course, could be self developed or “Outsourced”.

Second) Risk of Image, Goodwill, Self-Esteem – If Success (profit) comes then we starts formulating future plans or if (by chance) losses comes then blame games start off.

Third) Risk of Hard Earn Money – which of course no one can afford to lose.
However, no risk no gain is what we do practice in our day to day life, is it not ?

Think for once. And, Leave Your thoughts in Comment box below this article if you are one of those lucky few who don’t have to risk anything in order to gain something.

Blind Risk vs Calculated Risk:

Being a conservative ourselves and strong believer in calculated risk concept we are in much better situation to understand your pain points as a Trader. Therefore, striving daily to provide solutions to mitigate RISK from your trading life.

What are the net results of those efforts, “You may ask” !

So here is the Case Study for June 2019 – July, August, September would be next to follow

June 2019: Nifty was in range for entire month and, Mid-month we found Two Trading Opportunities, which were hard to believe on two counts,

First). Same Sector Stock but One is in BUY and another one Short Sell

Second). BUY taking at life time High and going Short Sell at mid Levels which means neither at 52wk High/low – momentum can be an issue.

Enough Suspense. Here are the Names of the Stocks – EQUITAS & BAJFINANCE:

Both proven to be successful, Total Profit near about 120000+ Per Lot Basis.

But, no point if you, we or whoever got this message preferred to ignore the same rather than acting by risking Goodwill, Capital.

EQUITAS – Earning Release Expected on 2 August 2019 (that is tomorrow)

BAJFINANCE – Earning Released on 25 July 2019, Posted Record Quarterly Profits

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Closing my write-up by wishing you to keep Booking Profits by Trading Safely !

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