Case Study: “April 2018 Repeating in August 2019” – What it means for You & Me…

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This is Called the Real Technical Analysis. You may think WHY, HOW ?So, here are the answers for your various WHY & HOWs,

But, First the Technical Analysis’ Rules:

First Rule: Price Precede News

2nd Rule: Trade Set-Ups are repetitive, and bingo !!

Seems like Nifty is doing exactly the same as mentioned by Rule number TWO.

Exact Set-Up was last seen during April 2018 for Nifty Spot Daily Chart, Please check WhatsApp. You would find the following Image, which of course worked out very well by hitting the expected TGT by end of the month, itself.

Nifty Daily 6 April 2018 - Divergence

Patience with the Process:

Finger Crossed, this July – August 2019 Nifty Futures’ Buy Entry should also work out well, without hitting our SL, duly mentioned to all via WhatsApp.

If that happens then this will be our fifth successful bottom capturing in a row for Nifty, starting from,

First: December 2017 (Just before Gujrat Election)

Second: March 2018 (When Nifty achieved our 2 Months’ advance TGT of 9970)

Third: October 2018 (When Nifty achieved our 1 Months’ advance TGT of 10000)

Fourth: January, February 2019 (When Nifty found support many times at 10500)

And, all of above is updated to Paying Clients during the mentioned Period, respectively.

Please Check your WhatsApp’s window in case of any doubt.

Even, Free Trial Clients were also Informed at the same time.

Our Focus is Limited but Quality Trades: Next in line is INFY Daily Cash Chart; expected Trend Reversal BUY by End of August 2019.


Hopefully, by now You got answers for WHY & HOWs, if still not then contact us immediately,

Closing my write-up by wishing you to keep Booking Profits by Trading Safely !

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